Photo Gallery Apartment Los Gigantes.

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Welcome to my Photo Gallery Apartment Los Gigantes.

Tenerife resale property Los GigantesViews even from within the apartment
The apartment is for sale.

The price is € 86000

This is very interesting because of location and extremely low community charges and more reasons, as shown here..

Modern look of lounge with leather setteeModern look by leather settee
This key property in Tenerife shows a fairly sized lounge with new look. Lounge and balcony may be reached from the American Kitchen as well as from the passage.

You may see the cliffs of los Gigantes, even, from within the living room. No need to go out onto the balcony...

This apartment Los Gigantes has flair, indeed. May you enjoy the Photo Gallery Apartment Los Gigantes...

luxury apartment los gigantesLounge detail of a luxury apartment
I would definitely call this property a luxury apartment in Tenerife for its views, alone.

You will see more luxury home attributes in this photo gallery apartment Los Gigantes just now.

There is so much that this potential holiday home in Tenerife has in its favor.

It certainly belongs to a class on its own.

Please, note the rustic looking pillar to the left.

Ideas how to paint your apartment?

Appartement Tenerife Los GigantesAppartement Tenerife with flair
It would be nice if this apartment of Los Gigantes gave you some inspiration for painting or doing up your own place. .

The French would write: "This appartement in Tenerife has panache." Panache is just another word for flair.

I find that color and texture of the bricks in the arch go very well with the brown ceramic floor tiles and, the rest of the the colors.

Please, look how nice a focal point the dark green of the lush Philodendron creates in this Los Gigantes apartment.

It also brings life into the living room. And, it also, makes the passage look less long.

Bath los Gigantes

Photo gallery apartment Los Gigantes bathroom

This looks like a fully installed bathroom: I like the proper douche cubicle of this property on Tenerife West coast. Of course, it also has a proper bath tub.

100% luxury apartments in Tenerife might have a jacuzzi as well. But, such Tenerife apartments would be much more expensive, then. They might even come with indoor pools. There, you see that there are luxury and, luxury apartments in Tenerife.

The wash basin has a cabinet around it where one may store away a lot of stuff. Oh, and the wicker basket with the dainty wooden shelf...

The pictures on the tiled wall go very well with the natural materials of cane and, wood. It's a real pleasure to put together this Photo Gallery Apartment Los Gigantes when I see details like that.

Main bedroom with delightful decorTeddy bear motive by bead cover
Bedroom with built in cupboards, a photo of which find further down this page.

This is one of the Tenerife apartments with charm. Just look at the cover on the bed with the sweet Teddy design... It would be nice to have something like that for a children' room. However, I know enough adults that have Teddy bears and Teddy designs around their home. Not necessarily in a holiday home in Tenerife... They would have to get those things there or buy them new in the Canary Islands.

Built in wardrobe with flairBuilt in French flair wardrobe
Here, you see a wardrobe with much flair.

Unfortunately, I don't have a bigger picture than this.

The yellow lines of the cupboards were meticulously painted onto it, by the way. The wardrobe almost looks as if it was in a

The brilliant design hardly can be seen.

I am hoping to still get a better picture of it for my photo gallery apartment Los Gigantes.

It would be nice if it gave you some inspiration for interior decorating of a holiday home in Tenerife, though. This is really a key property in Tenerife which is ideally suited for vacations.

Master bedroom Tenerife resale property Los Gigantes details

Photo gallery apartment Los Gigantes details

This bedroom doesn't only have a large wardrobe.

It is also
big enough to accommodate two nice chests of drawers.

Mind, how well colors have been matched to give a cheerful impression.

The small, brown chair makes me smile when I think of the design of the teddy on the bed.

The flowers look like Mom's special loving touch. So, does the mirror. It, of course, is useful. Again, I admire the combination of the shade of the paint on walls and the brilliant white in doors, wardrobes and other.

I more and more, like working with my photo gallery apartment Los Gigantes.

Guest bedroom with single bed
I am sure, I had seen a photo of this second bedroom with a picture on the wall. Well, if there wasn't, it would be no big deal to find one for it.

What counts is that that room has a generous built in wardrobe.

There can never be too many of them. Wouldn't you agree?

Built in wardrobe with louvre doors
Coming to think of it...

I am actually amazed that this apartment Los Gigantes has so much cupboard space.

Especially, for a holiday home in Tenerife.

It makes life easier, though. Right?

We need more time to enjoy the outdoors in this Canary Island. Don't we? Built in wardrobes or, cupboards mean less nooks for spiders and other creepy crawlies to hide in. Less work for cleaning also... Much more practical to keep things tidy and organized...

Kitchen apartment los gigantes
Indeed, this kitchen has a large fridge/freezer and, is well equipped with modern appliances, where a bigger table has been fitted off lately. This cooking work space has an excellent standard. That's to be expected in a more luxury apartment of Tenerife. When you see this well designed, immaculate and spacious, American kitchen you would never believe that its owner is a gourmet cook.

But, I've been invited to his apartment in Puerto de la Cruz where I watched him cook and, where I tasted the most yummy dishes.

Well, there are bachelors and, bachelors is all I can say.

Electrical hob with oven
Do you see what I meant when I said in my recommendation that this young man, who owns the apartment for sale in Tenerife, is a perfectionist?

To see a hob as spotless as that of a person who doesn't cook would make sense. Right? < But, he sure does.

If you were buying this apartment in direct property sales in Tenerife you could be assured that no repairs were to be expected soon. Why? When something needs repairs the owner of this apartment does things properly. My friend has fixed a built in wardrobe for me. He did it a 100 times better than the carpenter who had designed it and who had put it up.

I would be pleased if you had enjoyed my little tour through my Photo Gallery Apartment Los Gigantes in Tenerife.

Please, feel free to contact me and be assured that I will never use your email address except for writing back to you.

Strong entrance door with good lock
Here is the entrance door of the apartment in Los Gigantes. It has proper strong locks, as you may notice. Not that the apartment is in an unsafe neighborhood. To the contrary, it is in a very protected house. The less people in a house, the better it's looked after. And, the less it costs... for everybody... You may ask questions with the form that follows... No, not about the photo gallery apartment los Gigantes... And, then, why not... There might be more questions about the apartment, about Los Gigantes or, this direct sale property.

My job is to help interested parties that don't speak Spanish. You may, of course call Mr.Real and deal with him yourself.

Key property Tenerife by location
The building is well maintained from the outside as you may see here.

You can also make out the roof garden on top (azotea in Spanish) where you find a washing machine for you to use free of charge.

What this photo gallery apartment Los Gigantes does not show is the following:
The apartment is in a prime position close to a Tenerife marina, where a yacht may be kept and where many tours out to the ocean and to surroundings promise many things to do in Tenerife. All this including its good price make it an interesting property investment Tenerife.

By the way, there are many facilities for good supermarkets nearby, where Lidl was added in 2014.

property tenerife west coast
Below the above seen balcony in my photo gallery apartment Los Gigantes you simply turn right by the cars in the road that you see here.

Within a few meters you arrive at one of the best, modern, well stocked super markets.

This property on Tenerife west coast has it all. It's even ideal for shopping in Tenerife for groceries.

Playa Los GigantesPlaya Los Gigantes beach
And, this Tenerife resale property Los Gigantes/Puerto de Santiago is quite close to a Tenerife beach called La Arena plus, to another one which is even more near. You wouldn't really need to drive 20 minutes down to Los Christianos to get to a beach. This apartment could be a good property investment in Tenerife, indeed.

It's been a pleasure to show you the apartment by the giant cliffs. You may, of course, give me a call.

Let me help you

I am here to help. My number is:
Tel: 922 36 36 85 (034 first from other countries than Spain)

Por supuesto que se puede llamar al proprietario.
You may, of course, negotiate a sale of the apartment yourself.
Here is Mr. Real's phone number in case you were speaking a little Spanish. Telephone : 654 354 936

By the way, all pictures for photo gallery apartment los Gigantes were shot by the flat owner himself.

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