A memorable, private boat tour Los Gigantes in Tenerife, Spain

I remember a magic,  private boat tour Los Gigantes in Tenerife,  Spain.

It was more than twenty years ago, when I look back to it now.

We left before lunchtime.
The friend who had invited me for the private excursion off Los Gigantes had to show a club membership card to enter the Marina the yacht harbour.

The Marina Los Gigantes is a port for all sorts of sea going crafts.  Most of them were like the boat that we had.

Many different tours with vessels of all sizes leave from the Marina of the gigantic cliffs, as I've mentioned already in my page Los Gigantes, whose link find below.

Still today by the way, few boats in the Marina were like the breath taking water jems I remember from Monte Carlo or from Costa Blanca on mainland Spain.  Perhaps,  the ones that I missed on the day of my ocean trip were all out on sea ventures on the Atlantic, somewhere.

However,  there was one that looked like a big pirate ship with a wooden bulk and splendid sails. It  was anchored further out on the sea. It looked almost like the graphic here. Somebody tried to sell us a ticket to join in for a touristic boat tour for whale and dolphin watching off Los Gigantes. That sounds tempting. Doesn't it?
I had never ever been aware of such excursions in Tenerife.

But, I had promised to come along on a my private boat tour Los Gigantes.

Nothing kept us back after we had bought fresh water for our sea adventure of Los Gigantes. We got it from at a shop outside the harbour.

Wait a minute... Wasn't there something that I forgot? 

Feeding the fish at Marina Los GigantesMarina Los Gigantes

Feeding the fish in the ocean?

We brought along dry bread. We were to feed it to brownish looking fish.
The Marina Los Gigantes  bay was swarming with them. Discover in the photo beside how they were fighting over the food. And look, how many they were..

They welcomed the crumbs very much.

Getting shipshape for the boat tour Los Gigantes

We undid the ropes that secured the boat to the poles on the quay.

As I helped, the small twenty-footer was seaworthy quite fast. It was a nice little vessel with a motor only, though.


Our boat seemed so small when we went past the giant Los Gigantes cliffs. They seemed to loom over us, black and majestic. Indeed, there was really something menacing about them under the relentless Tenerife sun, above all seen from a small boat out there on the big,  blue water. 
What an adventure...

In a small yacht on the Atlantic ocean off Los Gigantes

It was quite sensational  by the stern to feel the movements of the vessel above the waves with its white foam brushing it during our calm trip.
It was a relaxing journey, indeed. However figure to the contrary taking on the often wild Atlantic elements.

Getting warmed by the sun and cooled down by a gentle breeze at the same time was utmost bliss during this daytime ocean vacation when only a sunburn was to be really feared at High Noon.

License required to cruise to La Gomera?

We finally,  were out on the open sea during most of the afternoon.  We saw the isle of La Gomera. It seemed so close. I wished we could have done later on another boat tour Los Gigantes to that Canary island. 
But, a special license was needed and we didn't have one.
The highlight of a brunch in Masca bay with our boat tour (off) Los Gigantes was a consolation instead.

Did we have our own private bay?

Other boats had anchored at "our" bay. Of course, we had to share it with them but, only with a very few.  We had to watch the movement of the boat because here and there small rocks were visible just below or above the surface of the water. Also, the distance from other boats had to be watched. The boat, didn't keep still, you know.

I even went for a short swim while the anchor kept the boat secured.  That swim was good. Not that one needed to cool down... 

The boat went a bit fast back to Los Gigantes spraying us with sea water and making us a bit wet.

We saw some dolphins from further away. Nope, no whales. 

Going the extra mile beyond Masca Bay?

Yes, we could have gone that extra mile along the coast. We could have reached the Faro de Teno by the Punta de Teno Lighthouse. Why? There, you feel even more like being in another world, there in the back of the giant Cliffs the Gigantes. You almost get the sensation to be in a place where the time stands still.  

The area by the Teno Lighthouse that is so close to Masca Bay also reminds me Lake Titicaca high up in the remote Peruvian mountains. The Masca Bay is already like a secret haven but the Punta de Teno is even more out of this world. No black volcanic rocks in the Andes, though.

Sorry for not being able any more to recommend a luxury private boat tour los Gigantes. It's not available now. We shall keep you posted.

Enjoy the Flipper UNO  video tour in the meantime.

The skipper friend who took me on the unforgettable outing lives in Los Gigantes. Needless to tell you, that he loves it.
He also owns a holiday apartment there that is forever booked out, he said.
We had yummy supper in a small Italian restaurant in Los Gigantes. I must get in touch with my boat owner friend to find out what it was called.  I had lost touch with him. Don't ask. .. All, my fault...

Other boat tours on a private or public scale

Go to the official Tenerife tourist information office or ask in your hotel which boat trips and journeys are on offer in Los Gigantes. Why? There are for ever new companies and not all the known ones from the past have survived.

However, you are welcome to see some they had not long ago as follows: Daily Tenerife boats trips which were less private.

From boat tour Los Gigantes  back to Los Gigantes with information for tourists of all sorts.

Graphics sailing boats by Free Gifs and Animations

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