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And now the content which recommends the owner of an apartment in Los Gigantes.

I herewith would like to give a personal recommendation for Cesar Francisco Real Real who is interested in selling his Tenerife property directly. He is the owner of an apartment in Los Gigantes-Puerto de Santiago.

Mr. Real is a trustworthy and straight forward person.

He has been a friend of mine for many years.

Contrary to my usual warnings about buying without involving a good estate agent, real estate solicitor or other experts, I would like to make an exception here.

I may assure you that there will be no outstanding payments nor any hidden problems with the seller of the apartment owned by Mr.César Real Real in Los Gigantes, Tenerife, Spain.

Also, my friend, the seller of apartment Los Gigantes has done many little complicated repairs for me. He did those in the holiday studio that belongs to my children and to me. He also helped us much in the small penthouse we own.

He has never charged anything and I am very happy, now, to have a chance to return the favors.

Also, when my friend repairs an apartment, you may be assured that the work done is 100%.

That’s my impression, at least.

Why? The seller of apartment Los Gigantes is a perfectionist.

However, he is not a handy man by trade.

His profession has been rather in the design/technical field.

However, he speaks no English, except for a few phrases. This is where I come in as a friend to help with his apartment for sale in Tenerife Los Gigantes.

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