Playa Jardin with floor plan, as not to get lost.

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Playa Jardin is big with its 17000 square meters of tropical park. Then, there are the three different seasides that stretch over 1km. 

The following graphic map with landscaping design is there to help you to find your way around.

 This floor plan indicates all resources of its Puerto de la Cruz beaches at the town end by Loro Park. That way you shall lose less time on your  holiday in Tenerife Spain.

Landscaping design map of Playa Jardin Tenerife SpainLandscaping design map of the 3 biggest garden beaches of the Canary islands.

Please scroll down to the listed translation of the 24 Spanish topics. All are marked and numbered by text on the beach landscape illustration...

  Official amenities.

  1. Magazines/Kiosk/Souvenirs
  2. Ice-cream-shop
  3. Self Service Buffet Restaurant upgraded
    to normal restaurant in winter 2011/2012
  4. Pool loungers, sun umbrellas
  5. W.C./ Shower cabins
  6. Beach for volley ball
  7. Children playground
  8. Pizzeria
  9. Veranda for social mingling, dance and concerts
  10. Surf Beach
  11. Beach warden
  12. Waterfall
  13. Red Cross Help Station
  14. Restaurant
  15. Restaurant Charcon
  16. Hamburger Fastfood Restaurant
  17. Clean Ocean
  18. Telephone
  19. Water for Drinking
  20. Beach under Supervision by beach guard
  21. Wheelchair accesss
  22. Entries/entry
  23. Parking
  24. Danger by strong currents

Multi option terrace restaurant on the Tenerife Garden beach.

The seaside promenade is drawn with a fine line in the plan.

By the way, just over the road is the popular Bahia Parque Fitness Center.

Hotel Turquesa a family hotel is closest to this Atlantic ocean resort.

Below admire the Puerto de la Cruz Garden beach bay with a snow capped Mount Teide in the background.

The graphic shows all three beaches well, contrary to the photo. There,  only Playa San Felipe and Playa Charcón Surf beach are visible to the naked eye.

The long Playa Punta Brava at the far end which stops by the fishing village of the same name is behind small rocky islands.  Also, various terrains and beach garden terraces were represented with different, vibrant colors. Mind that the drawings were the brain child of landscape design ideas by Cesar Manrique who was one of most famous ecological landscape designers and architects.

Where are the swimmers?

This was on a warm and sunny day on February 22, 2016. However, both the red and the SOS flag were up to indicate very bad currents.

Therefore, nobody was allowed in the ocean. Tourists usually bath there in winter with a water temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Surfers enter with whet-suits.

Ten more photos of the Puerto de la Cruz garden beach with the seasides San Felipe, El Charcon and Punta Brava

Where find the beach cartel?

This graphic under glass with beach landscape designs is located near a look-out spot. That's  on one of the upper levels of the Puerto de la Cruz garden beach.

How get to the Puerto de la Cruz Playa Jardin garden beach?

  • By easy accesses for pedestrians and wheel chairs from a main road
  • Titsa bus 381 from Avda.Colon.
  • Walk along seashore by turning left from
    the Puerto de la Cruz harbor by parking ground
  • From Plaza del Charco via Calle San Felipe
    y Paseo de Luis Lavagi!
  • By renting a bicycle in Calle San Felipe, 46
    at Bicistar well stocked bicycle workshop and shop, whose web is
  • By studying the Puerto de la Cruz map for riding, driving or walking
  • By visiting the garden beach after free tourist mini train transport for entertainment Tenerife Loro Park Punta Brava
  • By getting around with Titsa buses from other Tenerife towns.

beach map for surroundings Playa Jardin Tenerife

Where to leave your car near these Tenerife beaches?
Look at the following parking instructions.

Beach map for garden beaches

    Penon del fraile (monk's rock) Puerto de la Cruz landmark
  1. Proceed towards the fort Castillo San Felipe when you come from the direction of Loro Park and the fishing village Punta Brava.
  2. Continue straight on road Passeo de Lavaggi
  3. Look ahead and spot the snow-white Penon del Fraile... Spell: peñon which is the monk's rock.
  4. Turn left by its traffic lights to get to the parking grounds.
  5. The Park Parque Bahia II with many a luxury privately owned holiday home in Tenerife is in front of the hotel by Passeo de Lavaggi. It becomes C/ San Felipe after the Peñon. The latter road leads to the hub and to the before mentioned parking space. Find more information on general Tenerife parking which also includes this side of Puerto de la Cruz.

    Links to more information and more photos of Playa Jardin

    Tenerife beach drama with four men trying to rescue drowning woman in 2016

    A beach with trailing gardens but also much Bougainvillea and Oleander.

    More beach landscapes of the Tenerife garden beach near Loro Park.

    Unusual pictures of oldest Tenerife resort town

    Lido Lago Martianez Tenerife is another famous landscaping project by César Manrique with a popularity which has surpassed the 1 million visitor mark, a long time ago.

    Cesar Manrique

    Tenerife apartment near Playa Jardin Puerto de la Cruz

    Sleep over with self catering and countless free extras about seven minutes from the beaches Playa Jardin Puerto de la Cruz.

    From Playa Jardin back to Tenerife beaches of north and south sea shores.


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