Tenerife holiday review for culture and concert events or romantic nightlife in the north.

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A Tenerife holiday review of the Abaco of Puerto de la Cruz and not of the Island Majorca Ábaco was not planned.

It was always 'out of the blue' when I went to this former Orotava country estate.

The best of holidays are like that.

A glimpse of the special theme of the outstanding Abaco rustic decor is depicted below.

Abaco rustic decor Tenerife museumAbaco rustic decor

How I found out about this place for exceptional outings.

My first encounter with Abaco was a romantic evening in 2003.

A Spanish friend said he wanted to show me his special "club" to round off an evening of a day which he called memorable.

Why a club?

Going out at night to Villa Abaco Mansion is unforgettable The Abaco isn't only a museum about elite country living but is a rather exclusive club with great style and according exclusive prices.

History of Abaco Mansión

This former finca (farmstead)and private country estate called Abaco Mansión in Spanish was, almost, always owned by Tenerife or Canary Island aristocrats, until now. I've seen literature at the mansion where a long line of them was named.
Only one English name surged in the listing of Abaco's more recent proprietors.

By the way, nothing was said about a governor from La Orotava who built the Abaco Puerto de la Cruz place.

So what's so special about this so called' Casa Grande Abaco' (Big house Abaco) that merits a holiday review any time of the year?

The Abaco is another symbol of Tenerife culture of past as well as of present days. This museum where the rustic goes hand in hand with period furniture and a rather modern bar is unusual, indeed. It lets you share a little of the XVIIth century life style of a most fortunate Tenerife society.

A gobelin of Abaco an icon of romanticism

A gobelin French wall hanging at Abaco Casa GrandeA gobelin wall hanging
A gobelin French wall hanging with country bliss and romanticism. In fact, the emotions of this era live on at the Casa Grande Abaco by decorations and the sound of holiday music.

Its estate is beautifully preserved with all its details. Also, social events at Abaco Mansión are still going strong today. They make this report even more interesting.

My first Abaco Tenerife holiday review brings to mind
many antique furnishings and carpets from all over Europe. Many rooms are filled with them to the brim. Rural decor compliments in outer rooms, passages, vestibules and outside areas.

Decor and interior decorating of Abaco

  • Period furniture
  • A large pub with a big, modern bar
  • Paintings with gold leaf frames
  • Oriental wall and floor carpets
  • Dried flowers,
  • Dried fruit rustic decor
    with pumpkins, goards and the like
  • Copper and brass utensils
  • Some sacred art by baroque statues
    and a small altar
  • Wooden kitchen and farm gadgets
  • Other ornaments

The Abaco is a first class example of how to coordinate the two worlds of the mundane and that of the very practical and down to earth.

Of course, much inside this so called Casa Grande (mansion) echoes certain class trends of European decorating and living.

Tenerife holiday review about Abaco midnight romance

Illumination was dimmed at night in the main salon upstairs when I was there for the first time.

An Afro American played nostalgic tunes on a grand piano on that Saturday night.

At one stage, somebody asked him to play and sing the Beatles' famous Yesterday song which was very romantic. It fitted in with the rest of the mood.

A place for a date or a wedding anniversary

A fairly large sparsely lit semi patio (indoor yard) invites to sit or walk outside under palms and tall trees. You may smell flowering shrubs while you savour a cocktail there. Wicker chairs are grouped around tables. Small fountains create a water play in a large pond, while all is bathed in the mellow light by few lanterns and the stars above. Also spot all this from the staircase which leads to the upper salon.

Piano playing is still on the agenda at Abaco from 11 p.m. until 2.20 a.m. on Saturdays, to the best of my knowledge..

There is no equally intriguing "club" like the elegant Abaco for going out in Tenerife North at night, although, some insiders love the Azucar which is a Cuban dance Club in a large mansion of the olden days.

Abaco gardenAbaco garden in Patio
The Abaco garden is pictured above by this Tenerife holday review. Have a drink there or explore its magnificent garden landscaping with moon light after an evening concert. I yet have to find an indoor yard which is more exotic. It's unique by quality and size on the entire Tenerife Island.

Tenerife holiday review of Abaco classical music and opera

The Trio Bohemia was giving an Abaco classical concert on a Sunday night which they still do now in 2014. Opera arias were the highlight which you normally only hear at the Auditorio Santa Cruz in the Tenerife capital.

A young Spanish lady from Madrid called Amparo played the piano. The professional skill of the two Slavic singers (from Prag?) whose names I don't recollect was amazing. They performed in French, Italian, German, Spanish as well as in Slavic languages.

The approximately 30 guests were all seated in groups along the walls of the salon. They were mainly Spanish and German. My Tenerife holiday review must note the overwhelming applause after the concert.

The biggest hit was the song "l'amour est un enfant rébel" when it was sung at the end of the concert in French..

However, nobody can beat capricious Maria Callas for this song in my mind. All in all the enjoyable concert was very much worth its entrance price, indeed.

This particular Abaco event where we went to started after 9.30 p.m. after missing a previous one which ended shortly before.

Entrance per person was €17, while reduced to only €10 nowadays. Drinks were not included.

At Abaco I upstairs in the salonAt Abaco salon
Go downstairs where a choice of cocktails, juices, Sangria and other Abaco drinks will spoil you in a cozy surrounding.

Sample the mixed fruit juice called in Spanish Abaco sumo de fruta mixta...
It's superb!

You see me here at Abaco salon downstairs a picture which I received, later.

Please, note my little secret: Abaco lights are, generally, very flattering for us ladies of more advanced age and make everybody look much younger.

While, normally, the ideal place for a romantic outing Abaco, management uses stronger illumination during the concerts, I must confess.

It takes about 15 minutes to get to the Abaco from the top of La Paz.

La Cupola Mall of La Paz Puerto Cruz TenerifeLa Cupola Mall

Want to do your own Abaco Tenerife holiday review?

Walk almost straight up from La Cupola Mall. However, the road is rather steep. You may test how to get there by driving with your route finder. Otherwise, there is parking opposite the Puerto Cruz Botanical Gardens by la Cupola as well as by the Finca country Museum.

By the way, every Puerto Cruz taxi driver should know the Abaco Mansión, as all are familiar with the Restaurant El Niño nearby.

Abaco staircase viewAbaco staircase
Portrayed above is a photo of Abaco stairs which lead to the first floor and the concert hall. It ended with the high light for this Tenerife holiday review.

Address of Museum Abaco for concerts

Urbanización (suburb).El Durazno
Puerto de la Cruz
Calle Casa Grande which is very close to Restaurante El Niño
Tel: 922 37 48 11 and 9222 37 01 07
Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
from 7.30 p.m.onward.

No cocktail Folk dance lunches have taken place since 2012. Take the Puerto Cruz por el Botanico turn
off when coming from TF5 free way and
stop at La Cupola opposite
Botanic Gardens taking the last 3 minute drive from there.

Please, better phone first...

The Casa Grande of Abaco Tenerife features classical concerts every winter. All start at 7.30 on Sunday nights.

Consult the latest Abaco concert agenda for 2014 and 2015 which complements this Tenerife holiday review by clicking here.

More information about Abaco Puerto de la Cruz

A lovely music video is for you to enjoy at more Tenerife photos Abaco Mansion to complement this Tenerife holiday review.

Concerts 2015 starting in autumn

The best hotel near Abaco

It's the Oriental treatment hotel Botanico with 5 stars, magnificent gardens and its own Thai cuisine.

More for going out in Tenerife

Find another charming but rustic place where occasional Folk concerts take place at the Realejos country estate with animals and restaurants.

From Tenerife holiday review back to entertainment Tenerife much of which comes for free.

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