Best Tenerife nightlife Santa Cruz inludes walks to enjoy its magic.

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My personal favorite Tenerife nightlife Santa Cruz de Tenerife in its capital is a concert or show at the auditorium Adán Martín. You get delicious little tapas in its lobby and have no problem with parking. Otherwise spot best Tenerife capital accommodation just up the road which find by scrolling down this page.

The party street La Noria for best nightlife for the young includes day time fun

In fact, a group of musicians from Mexico played fantastic street music at La Noria, last time when I had a little snack on one of its outside terraces in the middle of the afternoon.

Notice the Noria Santa Cruz Party street carnival decoration above a door. A family of five is dressed the part. Their young mother seems to be in a hurry to take them home, as the carnival nightlife of La Noria with all its glamor of artificial lights is about to start.

Otherwise, La Noria with its countless gigs, shows and festivals is the most popular night thrill spot of Santa Cruz for the young and those who are young at heart.

Santa Cruz of Tenerife a fairly safe city with the luxury to walk it at night.

Best lower key Tenerife nightlife starts by the port waterfront Santa Cruz when the moon is up.

My favorite site for starting night walks in the capital begins after Plaza de España. However, crossing the shopping streets, such has C/ de Castillo and heading towards its Rambla via the picturesque Plaza de Los Patos is another most pleasant treat at night. Surprising nightlife is part of such a discovery tour with artificial lights.

Nightlife news Santa Cruz concern the new shopping hours in the capital which have been including week-ends since spring 2013. This is a new craze with its own kind of night thrills.

Plaza Espana iluminated in the dark is quite a sight indeed. Imagine winter ice skating by moonshine, as introduced there in 2010/2011... It should make the lake of the Santa Cruz España square an even more spectacular attraction.

Night life prospects are on the way

By the way, works have started to extend this location right up to the ocean front. Bars for clubbing will certainly follow suite. There should be room to create top Tenerife nightlife Santa Cruz by this spot.

Ferries, yachts and other ships throw their dancing lights into the dark ocean waters by the ocean promenade.

A luxury cruiser is always near the quay.

Elegant olden days lamps often filter their illumination through large tree branches by the seaside.

Some dance clubs are near the shore in 'Avenida de Anaga'. Salsa music and nowadays also Techno seem to be the order of the day, in this region.

Young folks who are dressed in trendy outfits come and go. Most of them show only up around the gong of midnight.

Tenerife Nightlife in discotheques starts late in Spain. this is often after the last movie. Some mingle with the crowds in the Maritim Park. (Parque Maritímo) It has a popular Pub and the disco called 'Dreams' at Avda. la Constitución, 5.

Maritim Park Disco for Carnival 2011

It remains to be seen if 'Dreams' will be open again for the big Santa Cruz masc festival in the middle of February. Call 0034 922 203244, Fax 922 203261 for more info... Excessive drinking and loitering in the area was a real nuisance during Carnival Tenerife Nightlife Santa Cruz, some years ago. The 'discotheque' by the name of 'Dreams' was closed as a result of it.

Nearby is also one of the best music and, opera houses outside mainland Spain called Auditorio Adan Martin.

Tenerife fireworks often follow some of its performances. This opera house also stages a New Year's celebration outside from its balcony. Then big crowds gather near the jetty.

Often, concerts are given by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Symphony Orchestra after hours and with some exceptions during the day.

In 1997, I enjoyed such a free performance by moonshine by the Symphony Orchestra near a Café on Plaza de España during my holiday in Tenerife.

Concerts with traditional happy folk music called Tenderete also contribute to Tenerife nightlife. But, not only in the capital...

More but, filtered lights greet you when you walk up the main Rambla. This park-like promenade is the best and oldest tree lined avenue on the island. You will find park benches to sit down as well as many different bistros and Cafés. Needless to say is that all nightlife there is very low key, but romantic in general.

How sleep over for Tenerife nightlife Santa Cruz?

Do yourself the favor and don't drive after a night out in Santa Cruz when you were drinking liquor. Select from any of the recommended Tenerife capital hotels, most of which are in walking distance of night action spots. 

A Saudade nightclub for dancing after 11.30 p.m.

  • Address: C/Fernande Arozena, Quintero 3, Barrio Buenos Aires
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife
    Tel: 922 237830
  • Open: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

The May festivals have some Santa Cruz night thrills, such as during the festival of the 'Magos'.

Also not to forget are many Tenerife Carnival events when street dancing proceeds around the clock.

However, excess clubbing and constant shows are only found by Playa de Las Americas.

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