Balcony whitefly control in Tenerife?

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Tenerife balcony Whitefly control is definitely not even easy on a small scale.

Don't give up, as I and my immediate neighbors managed to control it.

Has the sticky pest attacked the balcony plants of your holiday home in Tenerife?

Unfortunately, this fly has invaded Tenerife coasts as well as private gardens.

Of course, it is easier to control this white bug by your home than in nature where the white plant pest has taken over on the island.

Beside, notice some of my balcony plants, two of which used to have the sticky fly bugs. They are the purple Dresina in the front left and the Cycad Revoluta in the background. The Agaves atenuatas and the Yukka which are also portrayed are not Whitefly prone to need control.

Balcony plantsBalcony plants
Most of you must have spotted infected bushes and ornamental plants in public parks and private gardens nearby. They seem to be infested by smudgy, gluey mini cotton wool. That honeydew which is left behind by a tiny white fly is very visible on tall bushes, such as Oleander and Hibiscus. Otherwise, notice the sticky white stuff when you look underneath many ornamental leaves. Often, they are virtually glued together. Mind such plants grow to some extent on holiday home verandas. Therefore, mind balcony Whitefly control. Locals often only shrug their shoulders and dismiss it as part of natural Tenerife facts.

History of Tenerife Whitefly on balconies and elsewhere

  • Aleuridicus dispersus Russel (in Tenerife North since 1965)
  • Leacanoideus floccissimus ( in Tenerife South since 1991)
  • Imported as hidden bugs by infested ornamental plants.
  • Whitefly organic eradication tests are done by the government ICIA with
    little success in all plant sectors, as many farmers use insecticides, while the latter is not recommended for balcony whitefly control.
  • The white plant pest hides mainly underneath leaves,in buds,
    on stems, in tree tops and in soil.
  • Best way of Balcony Whitefly control?

    Definitely, what's good in Tenerife, also helps elsewhere.

    The planting of endemic plants helps avoiding the headache greatly. Certainly, Canary Island palms and Pines are not recommended for Tenerife balconies. But some Agaves, Yuccas and Tibaibas may do, provided they are not government protected. Even the Tamarisk trees may be put as shrubs into plant containers. Relative resistant and good to use are penny plants and other succulent species which grow upright. Also, ask at your local nursery which plants don't taste good to Whiteflies.

    Avoid white plant pest spread

    Of course, Tenerife nature will not mind a bit of assistance. Always cut back infested plant material, above all, once new shoots are opening up. Take great care, as not to touch them with infested leaves. Place cut-offs quickly in big bags or drums to burn this garden debris in a safe place. Get a contract helper for your balcony and garden maintenance to check on the nasty fly, when you are not around. It should be done at least once a month. As said, indigenous flora makes life more easy.

    Implementing balcony control of the white plant bugs

    Control ants which kill white fly enemies, except wasps which eat it. Always give plants including container plants good showers
    when its sunny day hours are over but, not in the dark You can even keep the Spanish Calla (Arum lily) free of the white pest. The white monster feeder fly loves to hide to chew off young growth while they are still below ground. Spray some general fly and moskito spray onto leaves, stems and soil. However, think twice about insecticides, when little creepy crawlies, such as fly eating ladybird bugs are around. Certainly, use more expensive bio products for balcony whitefly control if you prefer but, I would keep those for edible plants and herbs, rather.

    Hot tip for cheap homemade plant fly spray and wash

  • Mix concentrated dish washing liquid with little water and make foam with it
  • You can do it also in a disperser, such as those
    which are sold for pesticide cocktails
  • Give your infected container plants
    a general good sponge wash or perhaps even a rub with it.
  • Done weekly, it may get rid of the pale fly eventually;
    it worked for my Cycad Revolutas.
  • Never forget to cover trunks, stems and soil with it also.
  • A lady I know soaks cigarette butts to mix with
    the soap liquid, but without the 'stompies'.
  • The yellow board glue balcony fly trap

    Even that is a do it yourself strategy to attack the stubborn fly and that concoction will not break the bank. Use any board which may be painted yellow to catch the fluffy flies. Mix one part of petroleum jelly with one part of household detergent. Ask your British Mechanic how it's called in Spanish, unless you know it and can describe it at a Ferreteria (hardware shop) to buy it there. Needless to say, the plank needs cleaning to get rid off the caught flies. It must not be in the sun and must not dry out. One which is stuck upright in every plant container is best.

    Cat or dog flee and tick powder

    Before you want to throw it away, use it for a good dusting for whitefly management. It also works. Or sprinkle it onto a balcony foot mat and leave it for a few days, just in case, the flies were seeking refuge there after some got stuck under your shoes. Want info about the white insect pest by wikipedia?

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