Be surprised by not only the Tenerife whale fossil...

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Encounter the whale fossil by Los Silos a bit off the beaten track.

The fossil's Latin name is Balaennoptera boreales. This is the largest known of the Sei whales and they mate also in the northern hemisphere.

However, whales of this caliber and size are rare by all Canary Islands of Spain which includes Tenerife.

Size of this Sei Balaennoptera boreales?

  • length: 12 - 16 m
  • weight: 20 -30 tons

How get to the skeleton?

Follow the sign at the end of the main road of Los Silos which points to Playa Agua Dulce to your right...

Then walk or drive from the Los Silos pools to the whale fossil of a Sei whale! The whale has its own paved sightseeing ground by beach Playa de La Araña on an elevated area beside a surprising pool.

Museum without doors and walls

A museum plaque is not amiss.

The huge fossil of this Sei whale is certainly a Tenerife open air museum in its own right. It is above the sweet water beach Agua Dulce of Los Silos town and has the best of views.

Go see this whale monument without paying any entrance fee. The fossil of the biggest ocean creature is mounted on a stand, which can be seen from far.

Tribute by Los Silos to endangered animals

This whale fossil pays tribute to endangered animals of the Canary Islands as well as of our world.

What made the whale perish?

Unfortunately, this could not be established for the fossil. However nowadays, an autopsy is performed on every whale that is washed up on Tenerife coasts. In some years more than 20 are found. The friendly animals may even collide with boats or may be injured by their propellers. Disorientation caused by Radar is rare today, as it's not allowed in this region. A heavily bleeding whale is very vulnerable to shark attacks. Whales succumb to old age too.

See how nicely the environment of a perfect natural swimming pool of Los Silos 20 steps from the giant fossil of the whale has been taken care of...

It is not surprising to find such a monument with a mission at Los Silos of the Isla Baja. There, not only modern thinking Spanish artists show as much environmental awareness, as happens so much in
Puerto de la Cruz. At the same time, the people and the mayor at the town hall of Los Silos care about their 'Medio Ambiente' which is the Spanish way to name it. The latter means environment and therefor the Silenses also care about whales.

Learn more about the region's whales by Los Gigantes and discover all about Tenerife South whale watching here...

Another laid back neighbor of the enormous fossil is the picturesque hamlet Caleta de Interian where former fishermen hardly go fishing any more, but look at you through small windows and doors, occasionally.

Want a hotel near the whale skeleton by Garachico?

This world renown designer hotel near the Tenerife whales has outstanding art works, best service and
it also advocates to protect the environment.

Excellent golfing near the whale fossil

You shall reach Buenvista del Norte golfing within less than 20 minutes from the fossil or from Hotel San Roque. It merely depends on the road traffic.

From whale fossil back to Playa Agua dulce which is a worthwhile place to stop by for a swim and some simple but good Mediterranean cuisine.

A scientific article about Tenerife fossil beaches.

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