Natural pools as Tenerife attractions as well as real pool secrets.

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To declare that natural pools are all those which don't contain chlorine would be a very superficial description. There is so much more to be said about them.

Natural pond in  Icod de los Vinos of TenerifeNatural pond

Depicted above is a natural pond of a private farm which is still fed by water from the trade winds that come from the mountains above Icod de los Vinos.

5 star Botanico Hotel lake

Imagine the peace by this natural hotel pool. It's a real lake which is brimming with Koi carps. There are black swans, butterflies visit the flowers by its shores and birds sing in the surrounding trees and palms.

Mind the owner of this hotel had more fancy pool ideas up its sleeves...

Surf pool

Show pool stunt pool Loro Park Puerto Cruz Tenerife SpainShow pool stunt pool

His Siam Park of Arona Tenerife has its enormous surf pool with seemingly natural waves for real surfing fun. His stunt show pool of Loro park entertainment may be a set-up that is natural enough for the dolphins which perform there in captivity.

Loro Park Shark pool

The Loro park shark pool has fairly tiny sharks to show for, but has otherwise very natural looking underwater scenes inside this fortified, spooky see-through tank.

Deep pools for fairyland explorations

Nature pools GarachicoNature pools Garachico

However, there are also those water enclosures which came into being by chance. They are rarely totally enclosed and often hide an under-water fairyland of Tenerife below surface.

Many of the nature pools Garachico called 'El Caleton' are like that. They come from a volcanic eruption.

We saw them first on our 2001 Garachico shopping tour.

The legendary lagune pool of the former Tenerife capital

That's the huge pool of San Christobal de la Laguna. Unfortunately, this inland lagune dried out over the centuries.

Natural  swimming pools Lido/Lago Martianez Tenerife

Tenerife has plenty natural pools with saltwater. A few have been improved by landscaping such as Lido Martianez. Its Lago (lake) Martianez saltwater pools are maintained to keep them spotless.

The alternative are real rock pools, which are as close to nature
as they may get..

Those and lidos
are very often found in Tenerife instead of a beach or by a beach.

Nature pools San Telmo Puerto de la Cruz TenerifeNature pools San Telmo

The nature pools San Telmo in Puerto de la Cruz are found to the left of Lido/Lago Martianez.

They are rock pools and Spaniards often call them the Puerto de la Cruz beach or San Telmo beach.

Important to know is that they are pretty safe. Why? They are partly fenced by walls.

Some are charcos which are holes and crevices between rocks that are not always filled by sea water.

A terrace was created next to pools.
There, a beach bar sells refreshments.

Walking up steps one reaches the
promenade of San Telmo with many restaurants and small shops which offer just about everything one could wish for.

El Guindaste rocks with pools  off Rambla del Mar RealejosEl Guindaste rock pools

Don't call the shore of El Guindast natural swimming pools...

The location is much too exposed and too dangerous. It's a fisherman beach. Only young locals should swim there. They know when the ocean is safe.

Why are natural rock pools fairly safe?

Pools or swimming pools are meant to protect you. They are partly bordered, at least. The main pool by El Caletón Garachico is like that. So is one of San Telmo pools and the charco de la Laja rock pool (charco) by the San Juan de la Rambla coast.

There, at some times of the day when the enclosure may resemble a horse shoe, leaving the pool partly exposed. The same happens at one of the rock pools of Los Gigantes.

More about the natural volcanic pools of Los Gigantes.

Lido Los Gigantes nature poolLido Los Gigantes nature pool.

Another in the line of those safe natural swimming basins is the Lido of the giant cliff town with its ocean water pools which were fortified for safety by humans.

Charco de Don Gabino or de la Araña

Charco Don Gabino or Arana by the town Los Silos.Charco Don Gabino

One typical, almost totally enclosed and real nature swimming pool of Los Silos is called Charco de Don Gabino, unless I am mistaken and it is supposed to be the Charco de la Araña, which is still by the beach called Sweet Water. Well, I've been there on April, 02, 2011 and there was no sign to confirm its name but there was the museum plaque of the stunning fossilized whale next to it.

Waterball match in saltwater pools in Puerto Cruz in the year 2010.

The public swimming pool basin of the Puerto Cruz swimming club by Playa Jardin is filled with ocean saltwater. You can become a club member for a small fee. It provides a natural pleasure of swimming. Watch swimming championships or a water ball match there. The one depicted beside was in 2010.

Natural pools or Risco Belo ponds

Red beak swan at Risco Bello Tenerife natural pool

The natural ponds in Puerto de la Cruz of the Risco Bello Park of Taoro may have been fed by a natural fountain once. Today, its pools are not looking so sweet. The murky water is considered as ugly by some. However, this is in the eye of the beholder. You cannot sea fish in those brown lakes. Nevertheless, they look natural with their sea roses, papyrus and reeds. A black swan with red beak is swimming on one of Risco Bello's natural still waters. Discover a pond mirror image by enlarging this photo... Do so to admire the depicted pond surface... It is remarkable that it reflects the surrounding landscape. This is proof that the natural pools Risco Bello must be clean enough to the best of my knowledge.

How feed natural pools in Tenerife?

Feed them with salt water from the ocean, as is done with lidos and seashore pools or give sweet water pool the water which comes from Mount Teide and which is not chlorinated... It's subsidized for farm and similar use.

A Guanche pond or pool

Guanche pool  and garden mural Taoro Park TenerifeGuanche pool

The historian Boccaccio told us about splendid Gardens owned by the higher class of the former Tenerife natives, the Guanches. Depicted is a natural Guanche pool scene by a colorful mural in Taoro Park here.

Glacier or arctic ice pools

None of them exist in Tenerife although there is snow by Mount Teide in winter.

However in winter, the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife is said to have an ice skating pool by Plaza de España. Around Christmas, this wide basin is covered with artificial plastic which simulates ice and makes it possible to skate on it.

More natural pools which were enhanced

Beach Baja Mar pools

Santa Cruz Tenerife Maritim pool resort by Cesar Manrique...

Palmetum Park museum with its natural pool.

The Beach Agua Dulce by Los Silos

Tenerife natural underground pools

Note that there are still underground pools below ground in the Puerto Cruz district of Plaza del Charco, by el Muelle and part of Calle Lomo as well as by church San Francisco with its naturally fed pond. Once, the area had many shallow ocean pools above ground.

Some buildings of this area installed pumps to keep building basements and foundations protected against mould, mildew and rotting walls.

More about Tenerife beaches.

Indeed, there are few natural pools like those of Lago Martianez that have been enhanced to perfection.

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