How make the best of Charco del Viento

Encounter Charco del Viento on the foot of Mount Teide in the municipality of La Guancha. There, this huge but, picturesque rock pool is located on the green Atlantic Banana coast between Santa Catalina and Santo Domingo below the TF5 motorway that connects Santa Cruz with Buenavista del Norte.

The Titsa buses 108 from Santa Cruz via La Orotava as well as the #263 from Puerto de la Cruz stop by a paved motorway access a spot that reveals Spain's highest peak in the mountains above it. 

Getting around by the Charco del Viento

However, returning to this road site from the rocky seashore isn't as easy on foot, as they say. A nearby car parking ground is accordingly popular. Otherwise, find many narrow little pathways in the surroundings. Best explore with a walking stick, as the sandy grounds with tiny pebbles are often slippery.

There are no bars or restaurants in the pools neighborhood, contrary to the nearby San Juan de la Rambla rock pool.  No  beach amenities are available either. Winding wide paved steps are most welcome in both cases, though.

Admire the endemic coastal flora which spreads out between low Lava rocks and boulders. There, Argyranthemum Daisy bushes abound  together with wild Lavender and a low growing Erica type herbs.

Playa del Potro of Charco del Viento

By one p.m., several young people had arrived. Most settled by the cozy beach Playa del Potro which has its own small rock pool that joins the ocean. 

This is how they make the best of this location, as swimming in the main Pool  del Viento which means wind may be dangerous indeed.

Two young men had settled on top of the rough looking Lava, while the gravel shore of Playa del Potro that's mixed with beige sea sand, looks more comfortable.

The name of the natural swimming pool could not be more precise. In fact constant salty wind and waves have not only shaped a beautiful Lava enclosure over thousands of years in this spot, it even curls my hair.

From Charco del Viento back to natural pools

People are seldom happy and so it happened that some of the locals complained about this and that by their Charco, as reported by the Media 


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