Bars in Tenerife mean much more than coffee, beers and booze.

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Bars in Tenerife are often Bar Restaurants.

Then by law, they should display the sign BARc outside.

El Rubio BARc with its economical Paella is popular all over the Isla Baja.

  • Name: Bar Restaurante El Rubio
  • Opening hours: 8-23 hours,
    closed on Thursdays
  • Best reserve for lunch before 2 pm, as the cue on November 26, 2011 reveals
  • Choose between mixed Paella with meat, chicken and seafood as well as seafood only
  • Location:Caleta de Interian, Los Silos, C/José Dorta Pérez,4, Tel:922 840975
  • Extra: Note the bar's Tenerife Carnival posters on the wall
  • Tell the waitress when bread is not wanted, as not to be charged for it

Note that a Tomtom or other Route finder may take you to this eating place from a backend of Los Silos all along the ocean, while there is a very fast way via Caleta de Interian from the other end of town next to Garachico.

New 2012 theme bar Bar Restaurant by La Orotava.

Oriental Nights theme bar restaurant Sunset Beach 290 of La OrotavaSunset Beach 290 with Oriental nights theme

Want to get to know one of bars in Tenerife or Bar restaurantes with an enticing theme?

Sunset Beach 290 is one of bars in Tenerife with an enticing theme. It reminds Oriental nights.

This fabulous photo of Sunset 290 Tenerife is by Agri Brito of AGB Photography.

Click here to learn more about this bar restaurant Sunset Beach 290 which may be your Buddhist retreat without official Buddist temple.

Paradise view Bar and Cafe Vista Paraiso.

Discover an incredible bar with one of best views on Tenerife island in paradise country by La Orotava Cuesta de la Villa by clicking here.

It's in the vicinity of bar restaurant Sunset beach 290..

Secret Tenerife bar.

Just now, glimpse one of most rare bars in Tenerife...

This bar has no name outside or inside.

Sample the most delicious dish at this Tenerife insider bar. There, a maximum of three or four people like my daughter Trish and two friends who sit by one of the round timber log tables.

The native chef takes his time with our order. Meticulously, he works in his bar kitchen. He adds fresh ingredients to our salads.

Salad with Yam to be sharedSalad of Yam to be shared

Two or more people eat off the same plate with the salad of yam. It's the native way in Tenerife.

The furniture of this indigenous bar follows old traditions, as well. The smell of age old wine barrels and roof beams warms the heart. The presence of
dignified elderly men who assemble there to watch local television rounds off the picture. Roaring waves outside add to real time action with unparalleled scenery. Only friends, family and very special people may see this place.

Nostalgic bars of La Noria Santa Cruz

Bars in Tenerife three of which in typical bar street La NoriaLa Noria Bars Santa Cruz

Three special bars in Tenerife of the party road La Noria of Santa Cruz, as depicted beside.

Notice the tables outside. It's allowed to smoke there. All those pubs have their own character.
Notice the huge old decorated trees. The occasion wasn't even New Years Eve, but only Tenerife Spring, when the picture was taken! Bars with even more street party gear are only possible thanks to the fortunate, climate of Tenerife.

By the way, its New Year's street parties are famous, although bars may charge a special holiday fee. Click here to find the most nostalgic La Noria photos of Tenerife.

Dog friendly bars in Tenerife.

Take your dog to Alberto's Bar (Bar de Alberto).

It is a dog friendly bar.

This bar has two inside floors but caters for outside as well.

Indeed, the latter is best for any time of the day. Take a seat with your dog at one of the many tables outside...

The bar owners will send no well behaved dog away. Besides, many more Tenerife bars, cafés, pubs and restaurants allow dogs on their verandas, nowadays.

Look-out Bar Alberto for discovery tours with views

  • Address Bar Alberto: Via Malpais, 5 a little one way road which runs parallel to the street of Hotel Tigaiga)
    in Taoro Park of Puerto de la Cruz.
  • How get to Parque Taoro
  • Alberto bar services: drinks, cakes and snacks.
  • Event reservations: Reserve upstairs space.
  • Best views with sundowns of: Puerto de la Cruz with ocean and Mount Teide.
  • Another bar for a dog friendly vacation.

    Ebano Cafe is such a place. In fact it's also classified a BarC which serves snacks of different sorts. By the way, we had to keep our dog Jesse under the table, as you see. The surroundings were much too attractive when other pets past. Discover some real surprises inside this vintage bar...

    Permanent jazz bars or clubs needed.

    Many bars in Tenerife cater for special events, such as jazz with Ana Rodriguez. Find many of such concert places published by Spanish news of jazz.
    However, as said, a permanent jazz bar/club is needed in the north of the biggest of all Canary Islands.

    Restaurant la Casona which also has a bar has live Jazz entertainment on weekends in winter, as seen here.

    Bars in Tenerife in some locations which don't seem to have a chance.

    The bar Cerveceria Teteria Sueño de La Lucia of C/La Longuera, 60 of Realejos, didn't last more than one year until Spring 2014. Seldom have I seen bar tenants who did so much to promote a business with best free entertainment.
    Yet, the 60ies style bar with the exquisite murals, decor and lounge settees inside could not attract enough customers. Food and drink was good and chef and waiters were charming. Now, a new snack business with a white, red and black decoration and stainless steel bar has opened there. My daughter and husband said that they tasted the best club sandwiches they ever had in this new bar called Jeers. It looks like people prefer the modern. By the way, the red chairs and tables outside seem to be crowd drawers. However, this establishment  didn't last either.

    Third time lucky?

    Now a much more low key but higher quality business took over. It's the Taperia Punto de Encuentro a Pintxos Tapas bar restaurant of La Longuera. Mind that the economy seems to be better now also. However, this business is now on the ground floor of Hotel Puerto Palace in Puerto Cruz, while many of its Longuera customers were looking for it.

    Student bars Tenerife

    Many young people from the university are found at the Cervezeria 7 Islas in San Christóbal de La Laguna. It is one of top Tenerife bars in La Laguna whose stocks are mostly beer orientated. The university town students often dominate their own bars in Tenerife in La Laguna's old quarters.

    News for more student bar hangouts Tenerife.

    The town of La Orotava above Puerto de la Cruz will be the second Tenerife university city in about 2013. The decision is final now in 2010. The upper class study center will be sort of a daughter of the big Madrid university on mainland Spain.

    La Orotava bars have a good reputation already. Just figure how many more may be added because of a vibrant student scene. Mind that not only bars in Tenerife Orotava will boost this town's economy... The whole region will profit. Puerto de la Cruz will also be uplifted again.

    Tapas Bar Plaza Constitución.

    Always check out the Tapas bar called La Parada at the town square Plaza de la Constitución by la Orotava bridge. Best order drinks and Tapas inside its premises. Then, ask the waiter to serve you under the beautiful trees.

    Bar casa lercaro Tenerife patio bar in XVII century mansion

    Patio Bar Casa Lercaro of century XVII

    Sample one of most typical bars in Tenerife further up the road from this tree covered drinking spot of town.

    It is the patio bar Lercaro not far from Casa de los balcones.

    Bar Lercaro also serves yummy cakes.

    Discover more about best eating out in Orotava at its centro Kiu with more than one patio bar of Casa Lercaro of outstanding colonial Spanish architecture...

    New business ideas bar shop Tenerife Spain

    Business innovation bar with shop Tenerife.

    It had an interesting scheme and sold unique Spanish food and drink products.

    It remains to wonder why the new business ideas didn't work out by this Puerto de la Cruz bar of Tenerife.

    German Carnival bars in Tenerife that stood the test of time.

    • Bar Köpi's S.L. with 52 years of excellent track record on corner Calle Venezuela and Avenida Familia Bethencourt y Molina which offers genuine Matjes Herring a renown Hamburg fish dish, good Currywurst, delicious Sole fish, mouth watering salad, best baked potatoes or French fries
    • Achim and Ricardo's charming little bar la Barca which is open every night
    • Where? In Calle Monturrio,5 of the suburb Toscal La Longuera by Puerto de la Cruz.
    • Serves the king of beers König Pilsner and small, but exquisite perfect little meals, such as Mexican Chilly con carne
      which are long time favorites with the repeat guests which are often chefs
    • Challenge Bar la Barca with any cocktail you want...

    Cocktail bars in Tenerife.

    Tenerife bar photos Abaco

    The Orotava Puerto Cruz Abaco is one of my family's favorites for a cocktail at night. It's in a rather famous XVII mansion with classical concerts in winter.

    Walk right in and explore its paradise with Tenerife Abaco bar photos.

    There is even a cocktail route competition on now by Las Americas, where bars with best colorful, alcoholic drinks will win. I heard of a new place which only serves that. It's another Cocteleria franchise in Tenerife. There, drink a cocktail for only €3. Nevertheless in the south, I would always prefer Harry's bar for that.

    German Hannen Bar Puerto Cruz.

    • Street corner bar with rustic furniture outside on Plaza del Charco the hub of Puerto de la Cruz
    • Popular for its authentic German Hannen Bräu beer off the barrel.
    • Favored bar as hot spot during carnival.

    Harry's bar in La Arona Playa de las Americas.

    Learn more about Harry's bar, where also see a picture of it, here together with most stunning Arona Las Americas by night photos.

    Bars in Tenerife with free Internet?

    Tenerife bars where guests can freely log into the bar's Wifi are rather common, now.

    Just ask the waiter for the bar's code.

    A new trend and life style.

    Click the photo link which displays the name Malva y chocolate of the former Libraria Longuera and learn about its new business idea behind it. It's all in the context of the same theme of the event Realejos Toscal 2011.

    The use of the pavement for placing tables costs the shop and bar Malva y Chocolate &euro 40 a square meter in Los Realejos, by the way. It's worth it, as shopping in vibrant La Longuera means taking a break to socialize. By the looks of it, this is the life style which so many British expats in Longuera love, above all in winter.

    Spain television/Tenerife cinema of Spain football matches.

    This café/stationary shop had been a very popular sports bar during summer and autumn 2012. It introduced Spain Television on large screens to watch from its street café section. The locals called it Tenerife cinema with Spain Football. Of course, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid were biggest hits. This gave occasion to street celebrations by this innovative Tenerife bar business. They were so successful that the bar turned into a popular Italian  restaurant by Puerto de la Cruz in 2013.

    New traditions help fight Spain Recession.

    More bars in Tenerife invest in large screen flat televisions. TV pay channels for sports entertainment are part of the expense. Another Tenerife business in La Longuera had its former Tapas bar adapted to the new Spanish traditions for football fans... He built his bar around 3 big TV screens. Football fans must be able to Watch Spain football from a bar stool or from a table outside as well as inside, as depicted on your right. Notice the customers of this newly done up bar... They create a happy, colorful street scene at night after they watched a soccer match by the bar's televisions. And all that in 2012 during Spain Recession.

    Longuera bar high lights summer 2012.

    By the way, very young boys and girls played football there after dark, while the area was cordoned off for reconstruction. Later, two very large umbrellas gave more privacy to the bar and soccer fans outside. The umbrellas stayed on. They are a very nice touch with bars in Tenerife by day and night, no doubt.

    By the way, lets hope that the positive thinking and entrepreneur spirit shown by some of the bars of lower Realejos will help Longuera Toscal which once had the best infrastructure for Tenerife business. After all, they just took part in a business signature campaign to fight for more parking, so I am told.

    Rural and mountain bars.

    There are two Teno Alto bars near El Palmar.

    Our guide introduced us to the one whose goat cheese he fancies.

    Admire the billboard of the Teno Alto bar with its lush patio plant which sets of ocher colored wall.

    Such relaxing bars in Tenerife are worth it to travel long winding roads to get there.

    A Bodega convenience shop is part of the interior of this Teno Alto inn. All is almost hidden behind thick walls by a little porch.

    The small country shop with olden days flair and bar stools is on the other side of the green, timber door. Its glass reflects a tiny mirror image. The picture shows one of my companions who had a little cheese and wine party in the sunshine with us. Good local red wine, by the way. The sign on the wall advertises the delicious goat cheese sold in this humble, rural home. The sales text is in Spanish, English and German. More about it later on, as this place came recommended for us by a local guide.

    Bar of Auditorium Adan Martin.

    This is one of very modern tea rooms and bars in Tenerife.

    Take a seat at the Santa Cruz Auditorium Cafeteria. Contemplate its ocean scenery, stars or sun and Parque Maritimo Santa Cruz. There at the same time, watch the world go by at the Cafeteria Bar Auditorio Tenerife Adán Martin.

    Location: Cabo Llanos with plenty free parking outside near the TF1 Southern Tenerife Freeway access.

    Visible from the top platform of the biggest public bus station Titsa of the island.

    Beach bar Puerto de la Cruz.

    Enjoy live music and delicious fish to eat in winter and perhaps in July or August at the most popular Beach Bar of Playa Jardin Restaurant right next to the seashore of Castillo San Felipe by Tenerife beaches Puerto de la Cruz. Service is generally very fast. There is wheelchair access, too.

    By the way, there's also the beach bar El Charcón at the end of the same beaches at Punta Brava seashore. El Charcon is popular with Spanish seafood lovers and has facilities to close its make shift windows when it's windy.

    British bars in Tenerife.

    Most bars in Tenerife for British Nationals are in Arona by the Adeje coast, Las Americas, Los Gigantes as well as in Puerto de la Cruz.

    Tenerife sports bar.

    Some bars advertise popular British television soccer matches, such as the popular British expats' sports bar Bee hive pub 1 of Puerto de la Cruz which serves good English breakfasts and short British lunches.

    Bar Medano of Tenerife

    Read Bar Medano on the photo depicted above. The picture also says that it's the only British owned bar in El Medano. It adds that all live sports are shown. Hence, another one of English sports bars in Tenerife.

    Find this English bar right at the beginning of El Medano's beach promenade timber board walk. Eat there and enjoy looking at the ocean by the Stilt Hotel El Medano.

    The journalist and writer Eric Scobie and I had an English breakfast, there. It was more like a proper meal. It had real Sautee potatoes, fresh mushrooms, good, fried sausage, baked beans, toast, fried egg and  English breakfast tea. Unfortunately, free Orange juice was not included any more, when I went there last.  Nevertheless, I am sure that Eric will also always return there when he is in El Medano.

    Molly Malone Bar with live Irish music.

    Let me include this Irish bar of Des Reid, as an exception. Why?

    I prefer to add event bars under the topic entertainment.

    Location of the Molly Malone bar is C/Las Longas opposite the Puerto de la Cruz Tourist offices by the tiny harbor.

    The following video depicts its great vibes.

    Discover an incredible bar with one of best views on Tenerife island in paradise country by La Orotava Cuesta de la Villa by clicking here.

    A Tenerife bar in intriguing set-up.

    Bar Castillo
    whose photo was taken in
    Avda. Pedro Schwartz, 5
    38120 San Andres

    Is there a bar by a similar name in town?

    Bar el Castillo
    Calle La Manga, 5
    Tel: 922 591212
    38120 San Andres

    From bars in Tenerife back to entertainment Tenerife where clubs like Blanco Bar, Club Azucar and many more feature.

    An interesting bar alternative with Vegan food for eating out with a dog in Candelaria Tenerife.


    What's your Favorite Tenerife bar? Please share it with the world and tell all about it below at 'Comments'.Thank you...

    An excellent article about the world's most famous bars.

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