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Events Tenerife Spain are so numerous. There are also its many holidays which are lovingly called Fiestas or Festivals.

Event News!

The new and free international Arona day time Music Festival RNA of the LGTBIQ scnene from June 5th to June 11th 2017 is expected to become an annual event.

World Tapas Day Dia de la Tapa a yearly event with El Sauzal as example on 15th of June 2017.

La Mueca events

Those are the events, such as jazz concerts and other art in the street by the La Mueca festival.

Three day Heinecken Jazz festival during 31 days Fiesta del Carmen Puerto Cruz.

Live Jazz music is again on the agenda on the week-end July 21 - 23 at night on Plaza de Europa. This is only one festival of an action packed month in Puerto de la Cruz for summer holidays in Tenerife.

The main attractions will be by the Muelle where the fisherman guild takes the town patrons the Virgen del Carmen and San Telmo for  rides on the sea.

However much more thrills may be expected as events Tenerife in the oldest island resort.

In fact, check on sponsored by Heineken in the entire archipelago from the 7th until July 23, 2017...

Fiestas de la Cruz beginning of May.

  1. The capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife which decorates crosses on its main Rambla but also combines it with its May festivals
  2. Los Realejos whose main days last until May 03 and end with three hours of fireworks the longest in Canarias
  3. Puerto de la Cruz with its decorated cross portrayed beside

These annual, religious celebrations take place in many towns and Tenerife villages. The Cross of Jesus is to be decorated in all Catholic temples and on tiny road altars in often very artistic ways. The north is highly prominent with it in Los Realejos and Puerto de la Cruz. Admire the decorations in 30 Puerto Cruz chapels on the 3rd of May 2017. The May festivals of Los Realejos with its first three days that are dedicated to the Holy Cross has  festivities over several days. They are Sports events  and three hours of fireworks competitions. Part of it is the traditional Fiesta  in honor of Saint Isidore Laborer and Maria de la Cabeza at the end of May.

Mar Abierto Festival Salud, Rock and Roll Gira 2017

  • Taking part? Loquillo in Concert
  • When? 01 July at 21.00 H at night
  • Where? Pabellon Santiago Martín of San Cristóbal de la Laguna
  • web and ticket sale here

Puerto de la Cruz Festival of walking 2017

Puerto de la Cruz has Aqua Circus on Ice by the town Muelle until February 18th of 2017.

Shows are  on Thursday the 16th and on Friday the 17th both at 19.00.

On Saturday the 18th at 17.00 and at 19.30. Call 662 612 826 or go to their website called Circo Alegra y Taquillas. The entrance costs €10.

Recurring events Tenerife.

Indeed, the extraordinary Puerto Cruz carnival is very important and as much fun as the one in Santa Cruz the capital. Note that both Coso parades are always on the same day. Just park your car by the Muelle which is another advantage with Puerto Cruz. And it's for free.

February March is the mad disguise season, main carnival agendas of which have been published by now.

Always check at Restaurante La Casona Puerto de la Cruz as well as at Finca Del Arte by Los Cristianos. Click photos for more information.

On February 16, 2017 at 10,30 a free of charge Jazz Gospel concert on Plaza Bouganvilla, 6 of Iglesia Espiritu Santo at Puerto de Santiago Tenerife.
Live jazz on Sundays at Meson Chayofa by Los Cristianos

La Casona Puerto de la Cruz

Arona folklore festival days 2017 for January, February, March and more

Concerts at the Abaco

Contemporary live music concert at Teatro Guimera

Events around Christmas

Halloween events

Spooky processions of Easter

Noches blancas

Easter shows Costa Adeje

Swallows art Exhibition Los Cristianos

  • Who exhibits? Hobby artists and professionals
  • What art? Paintings of all sorts
  • Where? At the Swedish Church at the seaside
  • Dates? Feb.18-Feb.25,2017
  • Times? Saturday,from 10.00.-16.00.,
    Monday and Tuesday, 10.00 -14.00,
    Wednesday: 10.00 -14.00 and 16.00-19.00

Refreshments and Cake for sale at the Church tea room besides the paintings. Call Jacqueline Hankin at 922 738 143 for more information.

Events at the Taperia Punto de Encuentro  Bar at La Longuera 60 of Realejos.

This Taperia used to go the extra mile with live music for dance to make it exciting to eat Spanish Tapas while going out in Tenerife on Saturdays. Of course with free entrance but, you had to order a drink, at least.

Unfortunately, the Tapas bar closed its doors. Now, it only manages for an on behalf of another bar owner but prefers not to be found online. I miss the live entertainment with dance very much.

Cafe de Paris Tenerife North for live music and dance.

Café de Paris the genuine French style Tenerife cafe is a good place in Puerto de la Cruz for varied live music. Sometimes people dance there inside and not on the terrace. That may be even in the afternoons when it's hard to find a seat on overcast days.

Agatha Christie Tenerife festival Spain events 2009.

One of most popular events Tenerife is the yearly international Agatha Christie festival of Spain Puerto de la Cruz, early in June. 13-17th of September 2017 will be next.

In 2011, it organized something unheard of until then.

It was a dinner invitation for a live night show at Pueblo Chico (now closed) in La Orotava.  The company Escena del Crimen (crime scene) performed 'The mystery testament of Don Cesare' in Spanish. Dinner guests spectators could all be actors. They could win a price to help solve the crime puzzle. These shows took place twice in November and early December 2011.

A really nice touch by the oldest Tenerife resort to commemorate one of its so called honorary daughters who has a street in her name in Puerto Cruz La Paz.

For Jazz lovers.

Concerts and festivals in Tenerife for Jazz lovers in Spain News Tenerife...

Tenerife events dance and concerts La Baranda.

Check out dance with live music at community hall La Baranda of el Sauzal on Sunday afternoons. Find Baranda Museum openening times for museum and more listed under Casa del Vino ...

Events Tenerife Mansion Abaco Puerto Cruz.

Abaco holiday event

is a review about a special concert night at the high class Mansion Abaco Puerto de la Cruz. Please note, the Abaco Mansion Museum has nice and short folk music sessions for the public before lunch time almost all year round.

Tenerife entertainment seen from various angles, such as adhoc below.

Both the musician and the singer performed extremely well and for free.  They were captured on camera on a popular town square in Tenerife North Puerto de la Cruz.

Events Tenerife by Amerinca productions for live music concerts.

The above video of Restaurant Amerinca is in remembrance of the live music of Amerinca productions s.l. and their owner Nicola. Their music shows used to be of very high quality.  They played at many top Tenerife hotels including the 5star Hotel Botanico, where they were heard last.  

Please, go from events Tenerife to hotels Tenerife  Find more information in general with many resorts, offering events and entertainment of any type. You want them for golf tournaments, music concerts and much more? No problem...

Tenerife Adan Martin concerts and opera agenda in its capital

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