Travel to Asia and if only for its light and colors.

Travel to Asia is never the same. Why? Asia seems to be even more alive by the year. It seems to be for ever changing, just like the seasons in between Monsoons.

Also, we seem to see things in foreign countries with different eyes depending on our age. However, what never changes with oriental vacations is the light. It's a sunrise in Asia.

 At first it's soft. Then, eventually the light may strike you with all its splendor. It becomes intense and brilliant as well as warm at the same time.  That could happen when you land early in the morning in Mumbai or on Delhi airport. Of course, it could also be in Goa or in the south or further away in Japan or in Taiwan.   The morning  splendor of early sun beams may surprise you on a mountain stroll in the streets of Tibet. It could occur on Oriental beaches or in the jungle forest of Benghal. The light is the key to the Orient.

This light that enhances Oriental vacations so much also plays a huge role in the culture of all those countries of the rising sun. The use of strong and bright colors is a way of life. Men, women and children are enhanced by them, while only those men and women of Islamic faith may dress less visibly when they are out in the street. Houses, doors, carriages, cars and even buses may mimic the cheerfulness of the rainbow.
    Art is sensual and full of details which is most striking in some temple ornaments or statues of gods and goddesses.

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