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The Corona Virus caused its first visible changes to Titsa on March 13 of 2020. I saw the first Titsa driver who was wearing blue rubber gloves inside his bus. Not all drivers did that, as I could see later on. At least,  not until the Prime Minister for Spain announced a State of Emergency with partial Lockdown for the entire Nation on Saturday night of March 14, 2020. Disregard what was published below, as Titsa is subject to constant change.

Titsa buses including Tranvia not free of charge any more from May 11 onward for phase 1 coronavirus

No cash accepted but only payment by smartphone or by Tarjetas Ten Plus. Entrance to buses is only by ¡ts back door. Leaving spaces inside buses is priority.
No more than 15 passengers are allowed. Bus rides are also free to the airports for travelers. Instructions on how to achieve the free bus trip are written on the depicted photo below.

Later, I learned that only plausible reasons entitle to such bus rides. This could be commuting to your work, an urgent visit at your doctor with a printed out appointment, caring for an elderly relative, a plane to catch etc. Leaving your suburb for grocery shopping or for Farmacia visits are not seen as urgent and exceptional, by the way. You must do everything near home on foot or  by car where you live, unless a doctor's permission allows exceptional bus drives.

This measure of Alarm, as it was called in Spanish became official on Sunday 15 by 8 a.m. It was meant to slow down or halt the spread of the Corona Virus Covid-19 a menace that could not be fought by vaccinations yet.

No Titsa changes had been announced at that time. However, the driver with the blue gloves told us that Titsa fares could not be paid in cash to him any more from Tuesday, March 17 onward. A few days later, the bus driver was totally cordoned off.

How buy Titsa fares once cash payment inside the bus is outdated?

The Corona Virus is a direct menace by cash transactions for Titsa drivers. Hence, more vending machines will prevent that dangerous threat.


Indeed, here, people can purchase a Ten-Más Tajeta alias a Ten + Card. They can also stock up credit for the card from Euro 5 upward.

Of course, they can use the Titsa counters for personal attendance, as well. Mind that these options are only available during business hours and are closed partially on weekends.

The bus driver assured us that many more machines will be on station platforms than up to now. Mind again in this context that you need the Ten+ or Call it the Ten Más card, although you are not charged for time being.

Any other Titsa changes due to the Corona Virus Alert?

Indeed, the Tenerife buses 348 and 342 will not take you to Mount Teide any more because of the Covid-19. The 342 will go to Vilaflor only and will return in the afternoon.  Reason being is that the National Park of Las Cañadas del Teide will be closed like all other government and recreational sites like beaches as well as camping grounds until further notice.

Why are the two bus seats next to the Titsa driver closed with seat belts?

This is to protect the person who drives the bus, as a distance of about 1,5 m is to be respected between all persons wherever they move in public places.

One more Corona Virus change in Tranvias

No need to push the button to open a Tranvia. All its doors will open automatically at all Tranvia stops since the State of emergency has been declared.

I shall keep you posted in the case of more news due to the Virus that has become a Pandemic on March 11 of 2020

From Corona Virus back to Titsa with its monthly cards and more

World Health Organisation announcement on March 11, 2020 regarding the extraordinary pandemic



The above alterations are subject to change, as Titsa keeps on announcing changes under the topic Última Hora that it may reverse within a few days by taking new and different decisions. I shall do my best to figure it out and to keep you posted

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