Fishing bait's oldest saying is known to all.

Ordinary bread for fishing bait?

Why not?

Take that when you are extremely short of cash but don't expect to catch big or fancy fish with bread.

Even a mouse wants bacon and cheese and big fish eat small fish.

Spot a lot of elderly men with tiny rolled up bread in their tall tins when they fly-fish by San Telmo in Tenerife North...

What bait to use on proper fishing vacations?

  • For fish: Ask at a local fishing sports shop or
    use seafood like shrimps or little fish
  • Only use tiny balls of rolled up bread for attracting tiny fish,
    such as by harbors and the typical Tenerife volcanic charco rock pools.
  • Use beers, such as the local Dorada to please the guys on fishing vacations in the Canary Islands.
  • Cool drinks or juice are welcome too but, water is a must for young and old.
  • Take along tinned foods, nuts and dried or fresh fruit, hence, survival food
  • For extra entertainment on fishing outings: For example, Nintendo and similar battery operated computer games.
  • Shark bait computer games sound relevant
    for fishing holidays. Right?
  • Bring a guitar or other instrument to play along
    for family fun activities after fishing by the sea shore...

The fun of inventing bait for fish

Sometimes, all fishing fans try out new bait to catch bigger fish like gray Trouper, some of which resembles the Wreckfish called Cherna in Spanish. You catch it with luck at a minimum depth of 40 m. In fact, young friends of mine, who live for fishing vacations were very lucky once with Trouper fish by putting shrimp onto the hook by deeper waters during fishing vacations in El Hierro.

Fishing tips or tricks

Sometimes, it helps to disguise shrimp or other tasty fish bits for bait by wrapping it into thin dough or to stick it into baked soft bread. Attach it securely to the fish hook...Note that vegetarian stuff is no welcome to lure fish to bite the bait. Only crabs gobble up everything, but you don't want Tenerife crabs.

I've also heard of locals who cut up Squid (Calamares) into bites of about half an inch in diameter. Bigger portions are said to work for medium sized fish.

Big game fishing bait, such as for blue Marlin

Try shark hooks 3/0 or 4/0 for big game fishing such as marlin fishing. Mullet or even better any fresh tuna is excellent Marlin bait.

Never use artificial lures for fishing bait to try and fool around while fishing for big game. Big game fishing is not for beginners, mind you...

Personally, I don't like the idea of shark fishing, by the way.

From fishing bait back to fishing vacations, some of which by Puerto de la Cruz.

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