Malaysian islands.

The Malaysian islands are so many. They also do not look alike. To imagine Langkawi as an archipelago with 104 of them alone is mesmerizing. A friend told me that she went there but never mentioned how big an area this was. My late hubby always said that he would rather have a long holiday with our family there, as this region is less touristic. But it's also less protected than Penang by the huge island of Sumatra to the West.

Malaysia is often named for its Western or its Eastern part.

The western part of mainland Malaysia is a region I've learned much about. My husband had gone there to take on contract work with a Sultan of that country who was its Highness the King of Malaysia in 2001.

Shortly after, my husband passed away in Alosetar which is pronounced Alostar and which is the seat of the country's government. The death caused my family substantial aggravation which went beyond family emotions. Inheritance matters became hard to solve. Fortunately we managed, although Malaysia never signed the 'The Hague agreement for an Apostille'.

Religions and cultures on the Malaysian Islands

Of course, the situations in the capital Kuala Lumpur or in Alosetar were very different from those that one may expect on the many isles.

Many people of many religions live generally peaceful side by side on the mainland. That goes as far as celebrating each others main holidays like Christmas, Diwali or the end of Ramadan, to name just three that are so different. Imagine, that children absolutely love that. They receive so much more presents. Buddhism is of course widely spread and may be a part of any faith. Asian temples similar to those of India and Thailand are not uncommon.

Intriguing motor car races

There is a race with classic cars that takes place under muddy conditions once a year. An unusual kind of competition and fun for the men, no doubt about it.

Now lets see what insiders tell us about the countries that are in this region or not far from it.

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Langkawi islands

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By the way, there is also a section of the huge Island of Borneo that belongs to Malaysia.

Of course, this isn't the spot to talk about Singapore that is a very modern politically independent half island in the South of Malaysia.

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