The Mercado Barroco San Juan de la Rambla of 2019

The Mercado Barroco in San Juan de la Rambla isn't the only festival of this kind but, it sure has a very special flair. This starts days before its event.

About Spanish baroque markets in general

You may even have heard of one in Puerto de la Cruz. Many Baroque markets on mainland Spain have become a yearly rage. All have ancient buildings in the surroundings in common. They are the stage for shows, concerts, street workshops and stalls that sell art and craft works. The people of each particular community dress in the style of century XVIII. Food and drink contribute to these celebrations for the senses. Often, such market places open the doors of houses of historic personalities of times gone by.
San Juan de la Rambla the Tenerife seaside town is no exception.

Mercado Barroco 2019 with Portuguese culture and history as theme

  • From 14.45 onward at the Alhondiga Center: Exhibition about Portuguese travels and their encounters of civilizations.
  • 17.35 Audivisual about the San Juan de La Rambla Portuguese heritage
  • 16.30 Exhibition of sacred art under restoration from the church which followed a chapel version that was founded by the Portuguese Martin Hernandez
  • 20.30 Los Aires Portugueses

Mind that a Portuguese founded San Juan de la Rambla which also has a street called Calle de Los Lusismos, as much of Portugal's vocabulary was taken over.
Otherwise, you are bound to see persons dressed as pirates or even as the British corsair who was defeated by the Tenerife capital. This has been a good reason to reenact the defeat of Horatio Nelson in previous baroque events of the town.

Guided culture tours at the Marcado Barroco in San Juan Rambla

At 12.00, at 13.00 and at 14.00 actors dressed like XVIII personalities lead you into its historic buildings to tell you more about them.

IV Mercado Barroco San Juan de La Rambla preview for November 02 in 2019

Indeed, 2019 brought a date change for the event to be closer to the Catholic All Saints Day, called Dia de Los Finaos, Finitos or Difuntos. A spectacle in this context is the first of the day at 11.30 on Plaza Orama the main town square. It is about of the traditional Pan por Dios that will remind locals and Canarian visitors the Eves before the Finaos.

Other street theater of this festival

  • At 17.00:  "Quien trae la Tela"
  • At 18.45: "Y llega de la Habana" (and arrives from Habana)

Baroque Market concerts during the day

At 13.00: in Calle Alhondiga
At 18.00: In Patios, on porches and in other spots of the old quarters
At 19.00: Barroque orquestra in Iglesia San Bautista for its historic organ.
At 16.30 by the way:  An exhibition of the same temple's sacred art that is being restored, if I understand correctly

Activities for children

  • From 12.00 onward: workshops and games
  • At 12.30 A sack race for children that is followed by one for adults an hour later
  • At 16.30 Children parade to the tunes of the Tajaraste
  • At 17.00 Introduction to an educational game in Calle de los Lusismos (Lusismos are Portuguese words which were adapted in this case to the Spanish language

Getting to the Mercado Barroco in San Juan de la Rambla

By car from the North: Via the TF5 Carretera del Norte. Via Santiago Del Teide over the mountains from the South or via the TF1 via Santa Cruz and then on the TF5.
By Titsa Transport: With the bus 363 from Puerto de la Cruz (get off in the center of San Juan de la Rambla in Calle José Antonio after you have passed the church)

Get back safely by catching the bus on the free way that you reach through a tunnel after proceeding straight back on Calle Jose Antonio. Mind the last Titsa bus that comes from Icod de los Vinos may leave there before 21.00

Last word
Needless to say, this fourth edition of the charming market event that takes you back in time should not be missed. Dance and fireworks are very likely to round off the day.
Should you feel like escaping the heat take a stroll down to  Charco de la Laja the closeby tidal pool. 

From Mercado Barroco back to San Juan de la Rambla

Find the Facebook Page of the Ayuntamiento San Juan de la Rambla where it features the Market that takes you down memory lane in 2019


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