To retire overseas knows no class, or creed but mind things

But why retire overseas with the idea of working?

You could find a place for both your creativity and leisure just around the corner from one of world's biggest garden beaches called Playa Jardin by Puerto de la Cruz. Imagine, at least 17 degrees ocean water temperature in winter, while snow is on Mount Teide.

4 hours of frequent cheap flights from London UK and other European cities keep families connected.

In fact, you don't want to become idle when you reach retirement age, as you know that it's bad for body and soul.

The saying that you should use your pension age to do what you love is no cliché, but the best retirement advice.

Even experimenting and caring for an organic container garden may be worth your while, as confirmed by retirement as well as health experts.

Did you ever think of writing about something?

Do it abroad where the going is more easy!

Retirement ideas for overseas by celebrities

  • Paul Gauguin loved travel and painting
    on Pacific islands, where he retired overseas
  • Almost half a dozen famous British pensioners, such
    as Silla Black embraced retirement on a remote Caribbean island.
  • The famous American Ernest Hemingway was likely to retire as a writer
    in Cuba, if his home Finca Vigia had not been confiscated
    by the Cuban government.
  • Also Ordinary people retire overseas.

  • In 2006, one in three UK residents wanted to retire
    abroad in search of more sun. Many of them retired to Spain with cheap flights of only 2,4 hours connecting UK families and friends.
  • The parents of my friend Lourdes left Bolivia at the end of the
    20th century to go to Tenerife Spain to retire,
    as the majority of their children had moved there or
    to Switzerland. The elderly Bolivians could use their
    pension in their new country of retirement.
  • A friend of mine, an IT professor of Monterey CA
    in the USA was going to cash in all his real estate
    investments by 2009 for early retirement beyond the
    Atlantic in France near his elderly parents.
  • Many people from Tenerife who had emigrated during Franco years to Venezuela came back over the oceans for retirement to Tenerife. Also, most of them had accumulated wealth for their pension age in South America.
  • I did many certificate and diploma translations for older Germans who wanted to emigrate to English speaking countries in 2006. Mind that 13200 had left Germany for America in 2006, while most of them would remain there well into retirement age. Why? The dollar was unlikely to gain more value compared to the Euro, soon.

    Tips to retire overseas:

    Overseas retirement is a good option for online working from home.

    However, not only learning the language across oceans is more than advisable.

    A place for retirement

    Tenerife place to retire La LongueraTenerife place to retire La Longuera
    Depicted beside is the location of an ideal retirement apartment by Puerto de la Cruz. The portrayed paradise surroundings could be your Tenerife place to retire by a well cared for holiday resort. No better investment for your health and a happy long life...

    Want to retire to the Middle East?

    Familiarize yourself with a foreign country's religion, healthcare, customs and even politics to an extent before you decide emigrating there, once you are retired. Just in case, you are dreaming about the almost Middle East Istanbul by the River Bosporus ...

    A French man's retirement ideas didn't only apply to Tenerife Spain, exclusively. Return from retire overseas to retirement advice.

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