A Scotland travel guide in an astounding nutshell.

May this Scotland travel guide give you ideas where to spend your next vacations in a mesmerizing country of highlands, meadows and seashores and closest to the North Pole within the UK.


Skiing is only one rewarding winter sport of its outdoors with Cairngorm resort at Scotland's Northern end being the trendiest place right now. However, more areas are being developed. The capital Edinburgh has a population of Million 1.330.480. Obviously, it has many fans for snowboarding, curling or winter mountain hiking. After all it's so much closer to home than the Alps. However, there is nothing to keep back tourists from other countries.

Every European region has something special that's worth while exploring.

Scotland travel guide for surprising beaches

Who would have thought that there are seashores in Scotland that may rival Portugal  Greece, Corsica and even New Zealand with stunning ocean scenery of much more than just dramatic nature. There is everything from shores with snow white sand in secluded bays as well as pebble beaches by turquoise waters. Many a cove gives you unexpected privacy for honeymoons or romantic trips.

The better known attractions

Those are of course the lakes with the Monster of Loch Ness, the breath taking rugged peaks and the quaint villages. Green meadows delight in Summer and in Spring when dainty flowers greet you. There,  sheep are kept to deliver the wool for captivating kilts. Castles are open for visitors that don't only remind Queen Mary, Francis and a turbulent past. Country Inns have home made delicious stews for you on the fire.

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Scotland travel guide by Insider Websites

scotlands-enchanting-kingdom.com/ The Kingdom of Fife

The Kingdom of Fife enchants all your senses
and  is a travel destination where several famous people have come from. I, of course, don't have to tell you about the charm of Scottish landscapes, hospitality, culture and many other assets. If you were not to know, please, go find out all about it.

gateway-to-the-scottish-highlands.com/ Welcome to our Perthshire Travel Guide

Discover Perthshire and the Trossachs. Experience the breathtaking lochs and mountains, and the tranquility of the glens. A warm welcome awaits you, with good food, outstanding accommodation to suit all tastes. Written by a local who shows you places you won't see in the glossy brochures thrown in for good measure. If you're coming to Scotland, you must come here!

Welcome to Oban, Argyll, Scotland

Awe inspiring beauty of the Highlands awaits you. Discover what's on offer, where to go, what to see. Written by a local with a few places you won't see in the glossy brochures thrown in for good measure. If you're coming to Scotland, you must come here! A warm welcome awaits you .....

Cheap flights from Tenerife to Glasgow and vice versa

I've traveled recently in 2018 with Ryanair to the UK. I was pleased with services of the airline contrary to the past. Therefore, I am bound to think that all UK flights have improved with this company. Now in June 2018, a flight from Tenerife South to Glasgow will cost you about BP 34 (British Pounds) in June 2018. It should be about the same for the return back, although returning usually involves a catch of a higher price. I looked it up, as my neighbor Paula travels that route often. She is a young tourism student and does a practical in a Scottish country inn.

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