Why is the Tenerife apartment for sale by Puerto de la Cruz a great opportunity?

Buy this Tenerife apartment for sale by Puerto de la Cruz at the most interesting price of €75000 only... 

What's so interesting about it?

You don't only become owner of a unique apartment but will co-own 0,308% of an entire holiday resort with many exciting extras.

What about costly expenses, such as repairs to the complex?

This is where you score, as this has been done in the last 13 years, while many improvements and changes were required by law. This means that the place is basically in very best conditions.

What next?

Retire to Spain and settle in the sun. Use this ideal Spanish accommodation to have an easy but, healthy life style for fun and fulfillment.

Take part in the world famous Carnival of Santa Cruz or in merry Romeria festivals where food comes for free.

Be surrounded by a warm people who know how to make the best of life. This includes many expats, as people change once they live in a most pleasant climate. Learn how to be care free with a property in safe surroundings. 

Click on the gallery photos of this apartment for sale. Larger formats will open for better views.

Many more photos of amenities of this special apartment of Tenerife

Did you notice that even gym outdoor equipment is free for you to use in the garden?

11 private and communal services for about €100 per month for this Tenerife apartment for sale

  1. Water within your own walls and
    for the swimming pool, toilets, garden and much more
  2. Electricity within the apartment and communal services such as elevators and lights
  3. Swimming pool winter heating
  4. Trash collection
  5. Pool and Garden maintenance
  6. 24 hour/7day/all year round security and information
  7. Use of swimming pool, pool veranda and semi, private gardens
  8. Free aerobic gym equipment and free parking by front door
  9. Free WiFi in the entrance and adjoining reception rooms of the building
  10. Cadastral property tax paid for
  11. Emergency Electricity generator

5 expenses which are not included in the € 100 per month

  1. Breakfast, lunch and supper buffets at the restaurant
  2. Bar and coffee services
  3. Padel( similar to tennis) and pingpong which costs
    about €4 per hour
  4. Bowling and other games
  5. Buses and taxis
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