Las Aguas Tenerife a charming world by an unusual hike

Las Aguas Tenerife of San Juan de la Rambla with its fishing village, the once very important Rambla de Los Caballos and the hamlet El Rosario are most unique spots. They are not to be missed on the Canary Islands.

The spectacle of the blue ocean when it turns into white foamy waves by the parking grounds and shore below idyllic restaurants is a sight that fascinates painters and poets.

Low Grecian balusters make it safe for walkers to contemplate the magic scene. There, the sparkling waters the Aguas dance back and forth in an eternal rhythm over black volcanic rocks.

Las Aguas Tenerife nature trail a dream to live

The path leads to El Rosario and further from the fisherman village Las Aguas. Wonderful look-outs for about 1,5km, some of which from a height of more than 50 meters are free to be enjoyed.

This route which can also be done from the other direction is packed with surprises after every corner.

Mind the must see, much more touristic lagune-like ocean pool at the end of the town San Juan de la Rambla, about 30 to 45 minutes on foot from Las Aguas.

Walls on the nature trail of the breath taking waters  are often covered with Bougainvillea. Indigenous Canary palms are here and there. Buildings pop up where cats linger on stone stairs by rails and flower pots. Lace curtains fan air by small windows and doors of the humble houses.

What's the hiking trail like at Las Aguas Tenerife?

Unfortunately, some of this mountain road's terrain of cobble or uneven boulders hasn't changed much since the early days of the Camino Real (Royal highway) of the beginning of century XVI.

Imagine locals with torches there to get in the dark to the Fiesta del Humo. They come from remote locations to assemble at the historic chapel the Ermita of Nuestra SeƱora del Rosario which is the building by the two palms below.

A very big poster about the celebrations commemorates the event by the square yard behind the church.

Las Aguas Tenerife Rambla de los Caballos to Barranco Ruiz

I wanted to test doing the trail from the direction of the motorway TF5 by the recreational park of Barranco Ruiz. I got off the Titsa bus 363 in the exact spot.

A sign post that read La Rambla pointed toward the ocean.

I passed isolated houses on steep slopes. Soon I arrived at a small settlement and decided to turn into Camino de los Herederos.It took me to the center of a village. It was La Rambla alias El Rosario town.

I turned East following the Camino Rambla de Los Caballos until I reached a country with many low growing bushes by the wayside.

Wild Lavender filled the air almost everywhere.

Note that you will only have to walk the coastal path once this way, provided you skip the last section that leads from La Rambla to the Barranco Ruiz Mouth.

Finally, there it was, the Mouth of the ravine Barranco Ruiz. That last track is not suited for people with reduced mobility. However, this doesn't come up in my video above where the views took priority.

Las Aguas Tenerife off the beaten track?

No, not any more when you go there for lunch on a week-end. Then Parking spaces are getting scarce.  Accommodation can be found on the way, such as the Tenerife holiday home Casa Rural El Rosario, Casa Helechos and Apartment Las Aguas Town which is most likely cheapest. By the way, eating out at Las Aguas is worth it above all with ocean views  but, real nightlife is unheard of.
Lately, I had a brunch at Casa Mi Madre and then there is this peculiar Las Aguas one of a kind no-name Bodega that I mention with photos that include a salad in an article about my favorite Tenerife Bars

Playa Las Aguas Tenerife beach

This pebble beach with some black sandy areas is more for fishermen who keep some boats in some locked up sheds in its back. Locals bath and enjoy the sun there, mostly in summer. The town's public pool has been drained decades ago and needs repairs.

What about the main part of the fishing village Las Aguas Tenerife?

It's on the hill to the left of the esplanade and it is absolutely worth a stroll because of its clean roads, peace and serenity. People took pride to create pretty surroundings. By the way, there is the small church Ermita de Agua on Plaza de Agua  and not to forget the Supermarket Minimarket El Roque in Calle La Luz 8, Tel: 9222692447

From Las Aguas Tenerife back to San Juan de La Rambla

By the way, It feels like much less than 2 km in case you go back to the old quarters of San Juan de La Rambla from the Esplanade. The same road takes you to the bus stop of Titsa 108 and 363 by the freeway. Mind to use the underground tunnel for safety reasons to reach the other side...

A lovely photo and some information in Spanish  about the Fiesta del Humo


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