Plaza de la Luz the square of light and magic.

Plaza de la Luz isn't only a spot to chill out in the middle of town of Los Silos of the Isla Baja. In fact it's a typical Spanish square that was built first of all as meeting place for the town or village folk. The only difference to mainland Spain is that the traditional Domino players have all vanished.   So what else about it?

It's also practical to explore the former convent next door.

Take a seat in its sun bathed center.  Order some refreshment and enjoy looking at the traditional houses with wooden balconies. There a many that line the streets outside the square's walls. In fact, the square has been conveniently placed in the old quarters.

Important services at Plaza de la Luz.

The Tourist office (tel: 922 841 086) is in the gigantic yellow building a former convent opposite the Plaza.

This previous recluse of nuns stretches almost all along the town's central square. The building's modern community amenities must be seen.

Then, there is the Ayuntamiento the Town Hall on the top end of the square. Its ancient part with its ornate, wooden balcony outside was once the mansion Casona de los Trujillo. The other section was added on later in the late XIX or early XX, by the looks of it...

Colorful equipment invite small children to be active while mothers may look on from benches in the shade of ancient Pride of India trees. The newer part of the City Hall to the right of this corner faces Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Luz.

This church by the square spreads its own light since rebuilt with brilliant bell tower and snow-white exterior, early in XX.

The restored city Hall.

Interesting to see is the antique interior of the Town Hall. It has a remarkable ancient floor in its traditional entrance patio.

Note the remarkable stone work that supports timber columns of the antique part of the Town Hall as well as a very unusual, ancient floor.

Plaza de la Luz infrastructure

Plaza de la Luz with its low walls on three sides has the biggest town pedestrian zone in the Casco Antiguo the old quarters of Los Silos. However its surrounding streets are not for walkers only but, allow traffic from two directions.
Nevertheless, there is space enough for the Sunday market when fresh farm produce of the fertile Isla Baja are sold.

The provincial touch.

Nobody worries that women buy their daily fresh bread from a van in the street.

The Kiosco of the central town yard.

Every traditional square in old quarters of Tenerife has a similar party and tea-room Pavilion or more, such as on the main square of Puerto de la Cruz.

Only the main square of Santa Cruz the Tenerife capital is different with its ultra modern design.

The new Kiosco of Los Silos was part of improvements in 1923.

Architect Mariano Estanga to revamp Los Silos central.

Mario Estanga Y Arias Girón painting by José Moreno Carbonero - Photo courtesy of Ayuntamiento of Los Silos-An exhibition about the life of Estanga coming up by end of 2017

The so called Modernista architect Mariano Estanga redesigned the entire square Plaza de la Luz with a Kiosko of Art Nouveau just like the heavenly Facade of Church Iglesia de la Luz.  Then, a modern pavement, low walls with columns for three sides of the square with the occasional gap were added. By the way, the Kiosco which used to excel by its live music concerts sells more than Golosina sweets, nowadays. That's why seating with tables is found close-by.

Plaza de la Luz the municipality soul of Los Silos.

The plaza isn't only the central motor for regional and town affairs of the entire municipality. It's also its soul. There, religious and cultural events of art, music, theater and literature keep good relations within the local community and connect with the outside world. The Festival el Boreal and the Festival del Cuento as well as concerts and folk dance, such as Las Taifas supply enormous excitement, add to creativity and make happy. So does the religious Fiesta de la Luz which even has a mundane side with Fiesta Queens.

From Plaza de la Luz back to Los Silos.

The square portrayed from a different angle on a cloudy day here.

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