Is Restaurante Casa Basilio expensive now?

Why should Restaurante Casa Basilio have changed prices since 2013?

Then, the former Guachinche was upgraded to a proper restaurant.

Going up the ladder in category was worth it. It meant that it could continue to serve its rather special dessert a cheese cake  and much more.

We haven't even tried its other home made sweets which all looked delicious. 

However, more important is that a restaurant may sell any wine and not just the one from its own barrels like a Guachinche. Of course, those from La Matanza de Acentejo will have preference. That's where most of the Casa Basilio customers come from.

Restaurante Casa Basilio address

Calle Obispo Peréz Cáceres,75
at about three minutes from the TF 5
or 1min from the TF217
at La Matanza de Acentejo
Tenerife - Spain
Tel: 922 578 482 and 629 028 438
closed on Mondays

See this Matanza restaurant on a map in Facebook here.

It doesn't look like food has changed much at Casa Basilio since its Guachinche era.  Of course, it could keep more than three meals. All are of typical Canary Island cuisine.

Find a daily menu conveniently advertised on two black boards in its first dining room that is closest to the street. Escaldón  is usually always on the list.

What is Escaldon?

It's traditional Tenerife cuisine made with meat or fish stock, Gofio and added vegetables.

Our Sunday lunch at Restaurante Casa Basilio.

Next to the menu boards are two framed ones with pictures of Tenerife grape types. They date back to the Guachinche days of the restaurant.  Adjoining text may answer any question a discerned wine lover may have about the vines.

You learn about Listan Blanco, Negramoll and Malvasia blanco, to name just three of the many unique Tenerife volcanic vines.

What we consumed, price and service.

  1. A starter of fresh white cheese
  2. A plate of grilled chicken (pollo)
  3. A small plate of fried Rabbit with garlic (Conejo al ajo)
  4. Papas Fritas (French Fries)
  5. Pan (Bread)
  6. Medio litro de vino de casa (Half a liter of House wine)
  7. A very large slice of Quesón Cheese Cake dessert
  8. La Cuenta (Total amount paid) Under €25

Was this expensive?

No not at all but, absolutely good value for money.

The service was very friendly and we didn't have to wait very long. The waitress even said good by at the entrance door, as depicted above. Note the two wine barrels which hint at the former Bodega . i.e. Guachinche.

Otherwise important.

We could hear our own words when we were talking, contrary to a later lunch at another former Guachinche La Huerta de Ana y Eva on the same road. We were there on Sunday June 25th of 2017 where we shall never return to.

From Restaurante Casa Basilio back to Guachinches.

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