Discover a very good sleeper couch, sofa or any other couches at the following insider shop...No need to leave Tenerife Island...

Triangular sleeper couch of qualityTriangular sleeper couch of high quality.

The beautiful, practical sleeper couch shown in the photo stood the test of time for quality.

It was bought for a small Tenerife apartment to give it a homely look. I wanted quality to last for whoever would rent it.

You see a triangular couch with sofa which converts into a bed by simply pulling out the front part and tilting the back. The sofa section on the right stays as it is. Nothing is moved out in an ugly frame.

Hinges are made of best stainless steel. They are almost as strong as parts on a Kirby vacuum cleaner. The rusty red fabric is warm and very inviting and doesn't wear easily. Most couches today have a very smooth fabric which is narrowly woven and easily damages on edges. I am sorry that the photo doesn't reveal why this fabric is better.

After 5 years of almost constant use the couch is almost like new.

My tenant who is a very heavy man has not dented or damaged it. Cheap sofa beds normally sag in the middle. Not this sleeper couch...

You can convert this couch into a very comfortable bed, which is large enough for 2 younger people to sleep in. It has a size of 2m by 1,60 m.

How much I paid.

When looking at the old invoice by Trio Moebel (Trio Möbel) dated 2nd of November 2004 for just under € 1000 I am more than pleased about the good quality couch sofa I bought. The price included delivery and assembling. The stripy matching pillows belong to the couch. This has been a best buy for me right up to now.

Couch storage facilities.

Another reason which made me buy this versatile sleeper couch is its storage facility underneath. It has drawers which are neatly lined with melamine where you can stack away so much.

All you need to know about Shop Trio Moebel.

Do yourself the favor and drive to Trio Möbel (Trio Moebel) in El Sauzal which is quite close to the capital Santa Cruz. Don't waste time to see at least 40 shops and stores on the island... I did that.

Qualitaetsmoebel or quality furniture Tenerife.

  • Name: trio möbel

  • The shop has a name for quality furniture or Qualitätsmöbel, as the Germans and Swiss say.

  • Shop for sofas, lounge furniture and assessories, quality kitchens made to measure.

  • Direction: Carretera General, 200 (about 10 meters after Marked Mercado Municipal of Tacoronte.
    When coming from Santa Cruz, the Mercado is on your left, Trio Möbel is on your right.

  • Town: 38370 La Matanza (almost border of Tacoronte)

  • Province: Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  • Tel: 922 57 84 01 (fax: 922 57 83 63)

  • Country: Spain
  • Unfortunately, you will not find the same model of sleeper couch bought by myself, now.

    Trio Moebel has specials

    A couple of days ago I spoke to a Spanish sales lady by Trio Möbel called Marian who attended the telephone. She told me you will find specials for couches at the moment (March 2009) from € 800 or € 900 up to € 1300. Check it out from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (no siesta) on weekdays or on Saturday mornings. By the way, the sales people speak a little English.

    An alternative store for good couches.

    An excellent sleeper couch or sofa would always be bought at Corte Inglés by my Spanish friend Francisco del Amo Domingo. He believes in the quality of this Spanish Department Store. In the past, 2 meter sofas and beds were rare in Spanish shops. I doubt that this situation has changed much. I was biased and didn't look at the typical Spanish Mall called Corte Inglés after I had no success to find my special couch with 2 meter length and reasonable width in any Spanish shop in Tenerife North. I went as far as Icod de los Vinos to find one without luck. I stopped my search at Añaza Commercial Center(Centro Comercial) in the south.

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