Tenerife living with cancer by foreign retiree Richard.

Tenerife living was perfect for German born Richard while he was in good health. So, he always said.

Suddenly, the situation changed.

Richard was diagnosed with a rare lymph cancer while on a family visit in Germany. Richard had never been ill. Also, he had never felt anything to warn him.

Eventually, he had some treatment in Germany.

Friends and family told him that he should stay there to get surgery and more treatment.

Richard loved his life at sunny Las Cuevas in the Orotava Valley on the largest of all Canary Islands by Puerto de la Cruz.

He had a beautiful villa which he initially bought as his holiday home in Tenerife.

It had ocean view off La Orotava.

No ways, he wouldn't quit his life in La Orotava

The quiet suburb Las Cuevas
had become more than a dream come true.

Richard moved to Tenerife for good after reaching retirement age. Almost immediately, he started remodelling his home in a similar fashion, as was done with another Tenerife villa renovation . His place would be his permanent base, though.

He did an excellent job which made him so happy.

Why leave it all? He didn't want to. He was in love with Tenerife. His weakened body couldn't change his feelings. Eventually, he found a compromise to fight his cancer.

Tenerife garden the Orotava ValleyTenerife garden by a German retiree at Las Cuevas of la Orotava.
Richard also didn't want to expose his shaky health to harsh Northern winters.
He had hated them before and he despised them even more, since he had become gravely ill.

Richard started to act, once he was back on the island. He went for more cancer treatments in Tenerife.

Tenerife living Richard became a motto

Richard loved life. His mind was set to Tenerife living as best as possible with his beautiful villa, his garden hobby and with local friends.

Richard, managed to locate a good cancer surgeon (oncologist) for his case.

Some stories about unsuccessful operations go around in foreign pensioner circles.

However, this German decided to have himself helped locally, never mind the so called risk.

Tenerife living just meant too much for Richard.

Once in a while I phone him up. He is always as happy as a 66 year old man can be who knows that his days on this earth may be counted. He called the operation by the Spanish surgeon Dr.Morales a great success. It was done at the Santa Cruz University Hospital. They removed his malicious tumor. Tenerife chemotherapy followed suite.

La Orotava villa of Richard the German  retireeRichard Orotava Vila
Richard gave me his latest news about his health care during his birthday party which he loved to celebrate on the veranda of his home.

Nothing to be taken too serious

There were differences with health care in Tenerife, indeed. Perfection was surely lacking in Tenerife hospital waiting rooms.

Conditions at Hospital Canderlaria Santa Cruz

Richard said that he had to spend several hours in one at the big Candelaria Hospital until he could, finally,
have his three hour treatment.

There were only twelve chairs for patients to sit on and wait. This would not be tolerated in Germany.

Nevertheless, all Spanish patients were just standing and waiting, chatting and laughing, as if having a good time. That's Tenerife... Indeed, that's a totally different aspect of Tenerife living. He added: ' Unfortunately, I didn't understand a word that was spoken. I so much wish I had learned Spanish'.

Peter said that several Titsa bus lines stop right by Candelaria Hospital which by the way is next to the other big Santa Cruz hospital by the free way. Some people call it La Laguna hospital. Here, Satellite view of Hospital Candelaria.

2012 health care news by Richard

In 2012, ambulances took Richard back and forth to cancer check-ups at the University Hospital Candelaria. Discover some interesting news by Richard which regard drug costs in Tenerife, while other tips about health care in Spain for tourists and expats are included for better Tenerife living.

The end

In 2013, Richard was not doing well. Suddenly, there was no more telephone connection. I didn't pursue further. It would have upset me too much. He was so brave and so positive. All he said all the time was how lucky he was to be able to go on living in Tenerife. He would tell me how nice his view was and more beautiful observations. Good old Richard...

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