A safe way to go about getting top Tenerife mortgages.

Tenerife mortgages are easier available again. Last not least after 2009.

However, care must be taken, as too many different offers by banks are on the market, all of which have conditions.

Call them strings attached

Per se, there is nothing wrong with that, unless they cost you all the more which makes them a bad deal for borrowing bank money for your real estate.

Certainly, a good broker could save you head aches in this case.

What else is new?

There is a new bank around. Or is it just the old Caixa that calls itself Hola bank? Their latest mortgage offer is for 20 years. What does it take to get that? I wouldn't know and I would suggest that you talk to them, if you are curious.

By the way, this financial institution is open on Thursday afternoon from 16.30 - 1945 at night. That's rare in Spain, you know...


In December 2007, I stumbled upon a note whose origins I would classify as serious. It's about Tenerife property bonds offered by Bankinter. I know their offices and, I met a principal manager of theirs in the oldest resort on the island Puerto de la Cruz North Tenerife. I was impressed. Bankinter was once recommended to me by a Scottish friend who said that their Homepage alone is one of the easiest bank Homepages around for navigating. Here, the latest offer by

Bankinter mortgage interest rates and conditions

  • Percentage granted: 70%
  • Fixed interest rate of 2015: 2,05% with a 10 year repayment term
  • Fixed Interest rate of 2015: 2,4% with a 20 year run time
  • May be a life insurance with Bankinter depending on the mortgage term
  • May be a household insurance with them

Talk to them

  Verify the latest rates and terms of Tenerife mortgages at Bankinter, which once claimed to have the cheapest mortgage rate by calling information 0034 + 902 365563... Please, mind you pay slightly more than the local phone tariff with this Spanish 902 number... 

 By the way, Bankinter used to regard mortgage lending between about €30000,--and €601000,-- as normal. Most probably, they will not accept in access of it because of higher financial risks but will help you with advice.

Evaluating Tenerife property

Tenerife mortgages by Bankinter are preceded by in depth unbiased evaluations of real estate.

For example, hidden property faults as well as location evaluation matter before Tenerife mortgages by this financial institution are granted.

Banco de Santander

Approach Banco de Santander when you want to buy new property...  It may still have a deal with promoters who sell real estate with 20% price reduction or more. However this used to be for long term mortgage payments of 35 years at an Eurobor interest rate + 1%. This recession relief may have been improved after it was limited to 1 year but, may also have disappeared.

Mortgages by Banco Santander This may be their latest offers but, just as an example, ast I didn't look into it.

You have to shop around.

Flexible terms to pay off Tenerife mortgages

Those terms allow you to pay off a mortgage earlier. A fee is charged for it, often.


Remortgages means mortgage transfer from one bank to a new one, generally.
It its totally legal in Spain, now...

Cheaper conditions on longer terms

Should you have a holiday home in Tenerife, you may have the chance to consult your bank for a cheaper remortgage, as implemented in 2009.
Mind that cheaper life long mortgages are not always better mortgages.

When applying for a remortgage, point out long term or fixed short term Tenerife rental income, which assists to pay off the mortgage. Don't forget to show your past renting recordings as well. All helps...

By the way, also talk to your accountant about renting out and mortgages... In certain cases, you end up without income tax obligation, as just shown to me by the accountant Noemi Bernad Diaz Tel: 922 373362.

From Tenerife mortgages back to real estate in Tenerife with more than 30 Spain Tenerife property related links to help you with investing, buying, renting, letting, selling, tax, inheritance, usu fructu, documentations, renovating, property law and inheritance and more on mortgages in Spain.

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Text and images within this site are not to be copied or traded at any time. This regards online and offline.

Please respect my copyright