The Titsa bus station Puerto Cruz made easy

The Titsa bus station Puerto Cruz short for Puerto de la Cruz has been inaugurated on November 21, 2019.  However, some people seem to be lost on how to enter it or haven't even seen it.

The new station is on the corner of Avenida Melchor Luz and Calle Hermanos Fernández Perdigón, almost beside the old one.

The inter-urban buses No 381, 382 and 383 are the only ones you will never see inside the new station. That includes the bus 381 that connects with Punta Brava on weekends only. Their bus stops and terminals have not changed.

The overhead Titsa bus arrival information screen puzzle in Puerto de la Cruz

Last not least, I've spotted one screen by sheer chance. I still have to find the other one, as I was told that there are two. Look at the last picture with the platform alley. There should be a screen at each end of it or pointers in strategic places that indicate where they are. 

Why is there a problem in accessing the station?

There's no real problem anymore, although it's surrounded by tall gray i.e. beige walls on three sides. It is also hidden behind houses of the town's Medical Social center. Sign posts are now found by the former bus stop shelters. 

The address of the new Titsa bus station Puerto Cruz

The station which is also an important Intercambiador for changing bus lines is on corner Avda. Melchor Luz and Calle Hermanos Fernández Perdigón where a lovely little park used to be in the past.
Look out for a new passage called Paseo El Jardinero with a long gray wall that has many square openings as decoration. It separates the new Intercambiador Puerto Cruz together with the ancient parking ground from the old abandoned station.
Still lost?
Spot four very tall palms trees.

The palms are depicted from inside exactly to the right of the only pedestrian station entrance. Their branches were wrapped tight until their roots have grown firmly into the ground.

How get there from Calle Hermanos Fernández Perdigón or from Calle Pozo?

There is a Zebra Crossing by the tiny shop that's now called King Sol Super.
Cross it to find the new passage that leads to the station entrance.

Your alternative is Paseo El Jardinero from Calle Pozo about 50m above this road by turning right after leaving from inside the post office. There is the other end of the passage. You get there from Plaza del Charco by going straight up Calle Blanco. Turn right into Calle Dr. Ingram which becomes Calle Pozo where you pass the Post Office. There's an alternative entrance in Calle 

Amenities of the new Titsa bus station Puerto Cruz

  • An employee with yellow shirt to help those that are illiterate
  • Ten platforms with time-tables for the relevant bus line
  • Several ticket- and information counters
  • Three graphic info displays
  • Public toilets and wash rooms.
  • Benches to rest while you wait.
  • A machine to buy bus fare cards
  • Waste paper baskets.
  • Four tall palms by the pedestrian entrance spot
  • Station open from 5.30 in the morning  to 23.30 at night

There is no bar or cafe. Maybe later on, slot machines will provide refreshments, as is customary in airports. Mind there are many options for eateries nearby.

Why was the old stationed closed?

Unfortunately, it had become a security hazard for its unstable grounds. Its premises have stood empty like a ruin for many years. It is easy to see though, as several gigantic tourism posters of Puerto de la Cruz and Teide cover its outside. This old station as well as the new one are easy to reach from Plaza del Charco within a leisure walk of about fifteen minutes. 

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