Travel resources which stood the test of time or are innovative.

May this article of  travel resources add some  fun as well as information about getting about that may not be known to all.

Resources as a means of transportation, such as Indian rickshaws are fascinating.

There are so many varieties of them all over India and Asia.

Admire happy faces of young Delhi travelers who sit backwards in one of those pollution free vehicles by two wheels.

It was drawn by a human on a bicycle, by the way.

More rickshaws for city travel Delhi

Find this uncovered rickshaw, as seen in a Sarnath street. Its operator does hard work to provide this kind of transport resource.

However, the fact which we see depicted beside is a dignified job by somebody.

He is not adding to the millions of unemployed all over the world.

A rickshaw is not polluting compared to engine power.

Another type of rickshaw

It was caught on camera in another Utah Pradesh street.

It adds to work opportunities. People powered vehicles show it. The photo beside depicts a covered rickshaw. It is easy to take its canvas roof down, though.

River boat transport

The mighty holy river Ganges is important for travel by the depicted boats which may cross it. Pilgrims with humble belongings are waiting at the water's edge. Some of these travelers of the river pilgrimage may have arrived there by modern jets first.

Venice travel means

Of course, there is also the Gondoliere in Venice with his picturesque gondolas.


Then there is Whitewater rafting on the Urubamba in Peru. You can explore Zagreb in Yugoslavia together with a Sava River rafting tour.


Chariots that we know mainly from the tombs of the Pharaohs seem to have come from Mesopotamia initially. There, they date back as early as 3000 before Christ. They are thought to have reached Egypt with the Hyksos. However, Egyptian horse drawn Chariots were only used by the Elite as carriage, for hunting and warfare.

Of course, cavalry became a much better military option, eventually.

Horse drawn coaches

Meantime horse drawn coaches were around until the invention of the steam engine.

The pony Express

Pony drawn coaches were famous with the American Pony Express that delivered mail and the like.

Balloons to transport people

The first hot air balloon was tried by a Brazilian Portuguese missionary in 1709.

Gas balloons were in vogue from the 1790ies until the 1960ies.

Airplanes belong already to common traffic resources and are not the topic here.

Other helpful travel resources

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