Why a guided tour with the bus is easy in Santa Cruz but not inside its auditorium.

A guided tour to see Santa Cruz is no problem. Jump its special bus anywhere in the Tenerife capital, where you spot it. Its guided city tour is highly popular and only costs €10. Besides, get on and off the bus as often as you like within a period of 24 hours.

To formerly arrange for a guide to see the inside of the Calatrava auditorium is a different story.

Guided city tour capital Santa Cruz Tenerife Spain

An Auditorio tour for a New Yorker

Indeed, a special tour of the famous Santa Cruz landmark was most important for a culture fan from New York. It had been her dream for many years. She wanted to know all about the Santiago Calatrava auditorium in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Looking at it from outside wouldn't have been worth the long journey from the USA.

Besides, she also wanted to get a good glimpse of Albert Blancafort's famous musical organ.

This gigantic instrument is a symbol of technical progress in the Tenerife capital. To see it enfold itself in a video is already breath taking.

Auditorio tours not always available

Special tours for the main Tenerife auditorium have been on the agenda since about 2010.

However, no guaranty is given by its management that a tour will take place. Changes often happen last minute.

Stage building is to blame for it. Tours must not clash when this happens inside the Auditorium Adán Martin.

Most probably, several safety aspects don't allow strangers inside when such works are done.

All this means that the lady from New York had no luck to see all the details she was so keen to study.

Auditorio Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain

Depicted beside is a picture of the Auditorio Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Visit this place, even when you don't manage to reserve a tour for inside. The views of its surroundings are a must see also. Take a break there in one of the two auditorio cafés.

How book by phone?

Call 0034 + 922 56 86 00, provided that you speak a little Spanish. They then connect with the Guided tour Office (guia touristica), where somebody speaks English.

Fax them

Otherwise send a fax to 0034 + 922 56 86 02 and ask to please reserve a booking for you, which cost €5.

Perhaps, your hotel can do such a reservation for you for any lunch time tour at 12.30 except Sundays and holidays.

Should you encounter problems, contact me and I will do my best to help you.

The Calatrava Auditorio tour itinery

  • Main performance hall
  • Symphony hall
  • Chamber music hall
  • More information on their web www.auditoriodetenerife.com
    where you find a version in English.
  • The ideal hotel near the Santa Cruz auditorium ?

    Absolutely recommendable for this is the modern Tenerife Silken Atlantida Hotel which find here. This hotel is a mere 5 minutes walk from the opera house. You even get free Internet in your hotel room, which is not the norm in Tenerife.

    Want to see photos and a video of Calatrava's opera house?

    From guided tour back to Tenerife attractions Auditorio Calatrava Spanish architecture.

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