Canary Island hopping from Tenerife for fishing or other vacations?

Discover how island hopping is most fun.


Travel between the Canary Islands for fishing, diving or any other holidays you fancy. Even 4x4-drive overland adventures are possible by renting vehicles or booking trips for them. 

Make use of the super modern Tenerife ferry at unless you arrive from overseas and want to go to another island for the first time...

The picture beside shows it in the Tenerife capital

Los Cristianos offers the same service.

Below is a map with the location of the Canary Islands related to West Africa.

Island hopping with a big dog

The latter is ideal when you hire a car and take it over to another island by ferry. In this case,  i happily recommend Fred Olsen. We could leave the car windows slightly open. That gave our dog a nice breeze and could even see a bit of the back of the ship and the ocean. It didn't show any signs of stress when we met it again after the ferry had anchored in La Gomera. 

Driving Directions

Once you are in airport transit at one of Tenerife airports or in Madrid you may have checked through your fishing gear to your first destination already.

Other airlines which fly between Canary Islands.

  • Iberia Express
  • Binter Airlines
  • May be Spanair on occasion

Iberia Express news 2018 for traveling between islands

Iberia tickets for its express service of commuting between the Canary Islands are still amazingly cheap now in May 2018 as can be seen here starting with Euro 34. Taxes, surcharges and service fees are included.

Its suitcase transport for resident will be half price.

By the way, Islas Airways stopped operating in October of 2012.

Keep on checking Binter flight prices from Tenerife North to other Canary islands, such as La Palma and La Gomera here.  Reductions during the year are possible.

However, generally, it is more practical to come to Tenerife first.

Book a cook yourself holiday let for best fishing holidays.

The general advice is to profit by fast economic airlines to Tenerife  with its warmer climate and interesting fishing spots.

Leave your fishing gear permanently in your holiday home in Tenerife and change islands whenever you feel like seeing a different scenery.

The small Island El Hierro with its unspoiled ocean paradise is around the corner from Tenerife.

Fred Olsen for resident perks.

Canary Island residents receive ferry travel discounts by Fred Olsen.   This includes transporting a car. Student trips are also on special. There also is a free bus ferry to Las Palmas for students.

This ferry operator with the Norwegian name runs as many as 34 weekly express trips in the Canary archipelago, alone.

From island hopping back to fishing vacations for Tenerife fishing on other Canary Islands.

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