Self catering Tenerife and fishing vacations go hand in hand.

Self catering Tenerife means you own your place where you sleep, cook and look after yourself, such as fully equipped apartments Tenerife,

Hotel apartamentos Bahia Playa Tenerife, for your own selfcatering.

You prepare the sea food, you were privileged to catch during your fishing vacations. It also signifies the luxury of providing special diets for yourself, your entire family or for a partner.

You may be fond of a heart healthy way of cooking, which keeps down Colesterol and much more. Keeping your favorite weight or losing some is also easier to achieve by serving your own meals thanks to self catering in Tenerife.

Do you also like fishing?
Never tried? Learn it...

Use your holiday home as your base camp for fishing trips...

  • Store permanently your fishing rods and hooks.
  • Keep diving gear all year in your safe spot.
  • Have camping cooking utensils, such as fish grill on standby.
  • Have other outdoor equipment stacked there.
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    Don't worry about garden or pool maintenance, such as by this safe and beautiful Tenerife apartment for vacations for self catering, as it is renovated and fully equipped.

  • Do weekend fishing trips almost by the apartment's doorstep off the beaten track by a 10-15 minute drive , while you can leave your rented car in a fishing village nearby.
  • Compliment this Tenerife holiday property where you provide your own food with island hopping for exciting fishing vacations, while using a Tenerife ferry, which is most practical to take along your fishing gear...

  • Tenerife ferries

    Use Tenerife ferries in between islands and find out why this is the most practical in the Canary Islands. This is the best way to take along a car, much luggage and even your dog.

    By the way, the speedy and luxury ferry Fred Olsen comes highly recommended. Even your pet will agree. You can border this most modern ocean vessel at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife capital as well as at Los Cristianos. Of course, ferries are not for self catering but provide food and drink by their bars and restaurants.

    However, nothing stands in your way to bring along a pick-nick basket for your self service break outside on the ferry's terrace. 

      Learn about the peculiar custom of shark fishing in Tenerife...

    From self catering Tenerife back to Canary Islands fishing vacations

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