Museum art like a logo for its Tenerife institution?

Museum art was not what I had in mind when I visited a Tenerife museum because of its Guanche mummies on August 14, 2010 for the first time.

I spotted it in a large sunny atrium just behind its entrance.

The art was expressed by sculptures. They stood underneath a perfectly manicured Phoenix Palm in the background of this indoor yard. 

They were assembled with bones made of metal. The illusion of animal and human limbs was stunning.

Mind that the main attraction of this permanent exhibition center are Guanche mummy skeletons, limbs and skulls. 

In fact, the perfect logo for such a place.

Museo de la Naturaleza y del hombre arte, as this display would be called by the Spanish.

At the time, the High Noon was casting the shadow of the palm tree on the floor next to the artistic metal forms. 

Perhaps later, the sun may have re-projected the figures on the ground. 

What I discovered was an artistic sum-up of the essence of this Santa Cruz of Tenerife museum.

This fantasy art could have come out of a science fiction movie. The palm stood for  genuine Canary 'naturaleza'.  Hence nature and art. 

Natural midday light was like magic when the picture was shot.

Not a first impression of a dark stuffy museum, but inviting and gay.

I still have to find out the name of the artist who created the stunning artistic works for this Museum of Nature and Man The huge metal art in the entrance of this building was probably made by the same person. 

More art in an exhibition hall

The next artistic museum display also came as a  surprise.  I discovered it in a photo I took.  Perhaps, it's the result of typical museum illumination and a mirror effect.  

Its composition struck me as very attractive, also.

Admire the most beautiful colors of this amazing sepia setting.

The metallic blue form of the huge suspended ocean creature in the center is like mere illusion. It's set against glass surroundings which are display cabinets.

The museum lighting created stunning results, indeed.

Another miracle is that my own mirror image is in the picture, clear and bright. 

  You may also spot the bleached yellow skeleton bones on the side. They were suspended from the ceiling.

In fact, I would like to sum up this Tenerife museum with the description 'Less is more'.

  By the way, this Canary Island museum in its capital gave me inspirations for the interior and garden of a dream holiday home in Tenerife.

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