How parrot conservation by Loro Park helps the environment and much more.

Did you know that the parrot conservation FondaciĆ³n Loro Parque LPF is the biggest precursor for the preservation of parrots in the world?

Big business in Spain assisted the birds' fund in the past. Also, its Highness the Royal House of Thailand was a generous sponsor of the parrots' park.

The foundation is said to have spent over $1million during 20 years until 2015 for the blue Spix wildlife campaign, to name just one effort to save a parrot.

Parrot foundation symbol by hawk head parrot  Puerto de la CruzParrot foundation symbol by hawk head parrot Puerto de la Cruz.

Hoping that the image of my parrot foundation symbol will do...
It shows the portray of a hawk head parrot.

This Loro reminds me an Inka king with splendid full plumage head gear, although the royal of the sun used blue feathers of a rare Amazon bird mainly.

Deforestation and environmental pollution

Meantime, the zoo's administrator Wolfgang Kiessling of the parrot foundation fights against the extinction of these most magnificent, intelligent bird species.

Mind that their habitat is mostly the tropical rain forest. Tropical forests are likely to be wiped out by 2030, in my mind and this is what Loro Park or Loro Parque is trying to prevent.

Prevent extinction at grass roots at home!

This Tenerife zoo cannot do anything against deforestation in the Amazon, for example. It can't fight environmental pollution in far away forests either. It can't even help endangered birds in Masca in the wild near Los Gigantes. But there is the following solution.

Track record success by Parrot conservation

However, the conservation FondaciĆ³n Loro Park whose seat is in the smallest Tenerife municipality has the world's biggest selection with more than 300 Loros (Parrots) and is breeding them with the help of veterinarians and other experts. Sharing the offspring with the world's zoos will be a big help to save parrot thoroughbreds.

Loro Park animal conservation success

So far, Loro Park didn't only excell by parrot conservation for breeding healthy birds, such as endangered parrots, but also penguins as well as sea lions. This track record for positive wildlife conservation contributes much to the Puerto Cruz environmental outlook.

Loro Park against deforestation and pollution

Loro Park fights against deforestation home and abroad by trying more than to teach about the environment to children, such as La Orotava does too.

2015 news: A 3 D animation parrot (loro) film

This short version of the popular movie Rio from Brazil has been introduced at the Loro Park to educate the young, and perhaps even older generations. It serves to awaken interest in saving our world which starts with endangered birds such as the blue Spix.

What about the parrot conservation and the Spix?

The LPF short for Loro Park Foundation has played a very important role, both actively as well as financially to save the medium sized blue Spix parrot of Brazil from 1984 until 2000. This happened in Brazil on a farm that was later purchased by the blue Spix Al Wabra Wildlife organization of Quatar.

The world important Tenerife parrot foundation established its own local breeding center in 2007. There, Dr.Mathias Reinschmidt has made himself a name as a very successful breeder not only for the endangered blue Spix that is a native of the Caatinga of the North Eastern Bahia of Brazil.

The following article which deals with this Brazilian parrot gives more of an idea about the remarkable importance of the Loro Park parrot conservation here.

Educate kids and adults on wildlife preservation

Loro Park encourages grown ups and teachers to come with their classes to the zoo. Visiting the animals and parrots is best for everybody as well as the youth to learn about wildlife conservation as well as endangered birds.

Pet parrot shows or tamed Loros?

In fact, the tropical birds which would behave differently in their original habitat are skilled actors at the Puerto de la Cruz tropical zoo. There, many a Loro spoils you with incredible stunts, just like a best trained pet parrot.

Make a note to go see a loro show which you may never forget...

From parrot conservation back to entertainment Tenerife at Loro Park with its main shows by parrots, dolphins and orcas.

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