Free things to do in Tenerife El Monasterio for small kids.

There are always free things to do in Tenerife by fountains called Fuentes in Spanish.

One at el Monasterio seems to be absolute magic for toddlers.

Of course,  the big stone toads and frogs that were placed on its rim couldn't really cast a spell. The kids love them, though.  Later, we came to realize that it's above all running or standing water that's so very attractive.

This pond at Restaurante el Mirador where some water runs into its main basin from its top isn't dangerous. Just keep an eye on the little adventurers by the water.  Management doesn't seem to mind when the tiny children lean over the rim to splash about. Meantime, you can order a drink and may sample delicious cake at this place with views to kill for. You may even have a proper meal when play time is over.

By the way, there are days when reservations are important, as this restaurant is highly popular with locals.

More Free things to do in Tenerife at el Monasterio farm zoo.

It's at a stone throw from the toad fountain.
This farm zoo is another kids' delight. You get there through an archway opposite the Mirador restaurant.

You pass the lake of the ducks and swans first.
Nearby are turtles and fish in a shallow pond in the orchard.

Poultry, such as hens, pheasants and different species of peacocks walked about under Avocado-, Lemon- and Guava trees. One of the latter was bearing ripe Guavas, when we were visiting. The poultry drinks from a farm channel that has fresh running water.

Bigger farm animals inside an enclosure.

Barns are in the background. Ponies are kept there and perhaps some donkeys.

A peacock was sitting on top of the timber rail, as if totally tame.
There are always things to do in Tenerife with animals. Perhaps, we should inquire when their feeding or grooming time is in order to watch.

Poultry which seemed to lose feathers was resting in the semi shade of Japanese Cycads which some call Sago Palms. The plants were casting fancy patterns on the ground,  as it was high Noon. Ducks and hens were walking about and a rabbit was sitting by the roots of a big shady tree.

El Monasterio's most unusual farm zoo.

It's tiny in a way. In another it's not.


More poultry is roaming the entire built-up park. Once, a hen was teasing our dog Jesse from behind a bullet proof glass by the view of Restaurante Mirador.

There are pheasants in places where you wouldn't expect them, such as roof tops and very high walls.
The hens are as adventurous. They seem to like built up areas too. They love the main patio interior yard of the park, as if most news were to be gathered there. 

Otherwise, little kids don't have too much of an attention span. So the small enclosed section of the farm zoo is just perfect for them.

From things to do in Tenerife back to Monasterio.

That's the main article of a fairly extended series.

More about peacocks here.

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