What's so great about Tenerife tourism?

Tenerife tourism is simply amazing.

Also, it is evolving thanks to the putting on ice of airport tax for flights to the Canary Islands. Those good news stopped by 2012, unfortunately.

First airplane seen in Tenerife

Did you know that a short but, first Tenerife flight took off near Montaña Ofra on the Eastcaost on June 25, 2013 ? It was a monoplane Pleriot XI designed and built by Leonce Garnier from France.

Last not least, this is some positive Tenerife aviation data of its past besides that of the horrendous collision of jumbos on the North airport on March 27, 1977. The latter resulted in the Tenerife South airport being built.

This information was still displayed on the plaque by an exhibited replica of the Bleriot XI on the Tenerife South Airport in August 2013 after celebrating the flight's anniversary of 100 years.

Winter and carnival tourism

Look at the winter birds. They are like tourists. They will always find the old route, above all if the going is good. The run for the sun is followed by Tenerife carnival fever. Who would miss it when been there once?

And that means frequent and cheap flights .

Easy Tenerife holidays to spoil you

Travel package deals of Tenerife tourism are best for the younger and for the elderly tourists who come for the first time.

It helps to avoid any risk.

It's a great advantage to be informed in advance where to sleep, eat, drink, party and get pampered. There's almost a guaranty to calculate, how much pocket money will be left.

Better still, when all tours, trips and excursions as well as a rented car are booked online in advance.

Also, an added on travel insurance is the best ingredient of an utmost successful trip abroad. For peace of mind and a good nights sleep, you know...

A bit of Tenerife tourism history

The first tourists came to Tenerife with mail ships. Airlines or flying machines hadn't been invented. Boats which may have been compared to yachts were only known in bigger sizes to pirates and other buccaneers.

Alexander von Humboldt which was a global traveler and one of first Tenerife tourists came in the 17th century, already. Then much later, the tourism banana boats arrived at the end of the 19th century.

Tenerife holidays for foreigners really took off by the beginning of the century XX with more and more hotels that were built in Puerto de la Cruz.

Los Gigantes holiday attraction

Mind Los Gigantes history where the marine life and club life was a driving force for its tourists soon after.

Art and Culture Puerto de la Cruz tourism

Tourism Puerto de la Cruz has always been dependent on culture, fiestas and festivals. Initially, this was much influenced by the demands of Hotel Taoro and Europe's High society.

The capital with its club life

Santa Cruz had much tourism from mainland Spain and from other Canary Islands for governmental affairs by clubs for making friends, or even by Free Masons in the late 20th century.

Nowadays the vintage car club and many art and craft exhibitions and excellent museums on Tenerife Island top them up. Fairs, crafts, workshops and galleries opened their doors to more and more foreign guests. Concerts, shows and plays are given by the Teatro Guimaré and the Auditorium of Tenerife Adan Martin. Trade, commerce and shipping do their bit for the tourist industry. Luxury cruisers started coming in the XX century. Not to underestimate is the huge drawer of the Santa Cruz Carnaval de Tenerife with sometimes rather unusual scenes.

Tenerife South tourist news

Rocking Las Americas became the boom after the first big resorts and golf courses had been built in the area. Dreamland Costa Adeje with glamorous Tenerife Arona joined the fun. Later, El Medano started to embrace surfing tourists, while car and cart races of the south of the island became the rage.

Tenerife tourism in 2010 and 2011

Tenerife tourism of the south was leading by numbers due to a massive increase of more British holiday makers during 2010 by 14,79%, while Germans amounted to 9,31%. The increase lasted until well into 2011, while more and more Scandinavians and also Russians followed. As said, even the north improved, as may be gathered by the record visitors of 110000 in January 2011 alone, where many where foreign tourists at La Villa Alcampo live media shows for teenagers as well as before and after. Yearly visitors to the island generally amount to 5 Million.

The figure was expected to rise dramatically in summer 2011. Charter airlines have most of the pre-booked flights.

Learn about even better Tenerife tourism by Easter 2012.

From Tenerife tourism back to Tenerife.

Tourist history XX Tenerife North by Spanish Media with lovely old photos to look at.

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