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This page information about Tenerife is all about experiences of foreigners living on the island.

Some give advice or, their life as retires with or without holiday home ownership is brushed up in a nutshell.

All are real people who were selecting the north of the island to live.

Many of them had operations they were more or less happy with.

Over time the reports will be updated with news or newly discovered stories of expats.

Some wouldn't even give their real names which needs to be respected.

HomePage Tenerife Holiday Home Insider

Retirement advice
Claude gives advice on how best to retire overseas for general relocating as well as practical tips for pensioners in Tenerife.

Bee Hive Pub 1
Bee hive Pub 1 for soccer fans.

British expats

British expats Puerto de la Cruz hangouts Tenerife

Health care in Spain

Health care in Spain information.

Health in Tenerife

which is not always guarantied to be cared for.

Retire overseas
Retirement ideas to retire overseas by celebrities and others.

Tenerife living carnival and British Julia
Tenerife living and carnival were almost synonymous for UK bred Julia. When she became a pensioner life was not that easy for her. But, she sure made the most of it while happy in her villa in Tacoronte.

Living in Tenerife
being ideal for retirement in most cases
perceived by the Web master is pretty much
in par with what Claude had to say.

Tenerife living and pensioner Berta's Alzheimer's.
Tenerife Living and 88 year old Berta became synonymous with pensioners' good time but,...

Tenerife Living for Richard-Health treatment cancer
Tenerife Living may be more important even when a
fatal disease strikes.

Health care

experiences about Tenerife health care
and surgery by British Elizabeth in Puerto de la Cruz.

Expats in Spain

with a family member being a retiree.

Information about Doctors who speak English:

Tenerife information about Dr.M.Theis gynecologist who works in north as well as south of the island.

Health in Tenerife by Vitamin D

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