Tenerife information Site Map 02 on attractions with free or paid for entertainment.

Tenerife information site map 02 links to pages of this homepage Tenerife Holiday Home Insider relating to local tourist attractions most of which include free entertainment while others cost little or more.

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Tenerife tourist information
for Tenerife real estate based categories.

Tenerife Towns site map 03:

Information on Tenerife towns
Puerto de la Cruz, capital Santa Cruz, Los Gigantes and Garachico.

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Tenerife Island Information
on why Tenerife with information on holiday, travel within the island and to other Canary islands and on Tenerife
beaches, shopping, walking, transport and more.

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Information on how best retire overseas and live in Tenerife where a holiday home in Tenerife property would be best suited for pensioners' practical life style.

Tenerife attractions:
Tenerife Attractions Guide

Top Tenerife nightclub

Tenerife tourist attractions by rooftop restaurants

Garachico harbor

Garachico funicular

Flying fox zip lines Tenerife

Doll museum art village Tenerife

Tenerife African market Santa Cruz

Attractions Tenerife Costa Adeje

Christmas photos with led lights Tenerife

Tenerife Christmas with Tres Reyes Magos

Tenerife Attractions Carnival entertainment


Carnival posters stone paintings Tenerife

Carnival queen Tenerife 2012

Classic car shows Tenerife

Crazy vehicles

Tenerife carnival costumes

Carnival hats

Tenerife carnaval with unusual photos

Gay parade of Tenerife carnival

Carnival masks Venice, Germany and Santa Cruz Tenerife.

Carnival club Tenerife

German Carnival Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz carnival

Casa del Carnaval

Tenerife Carnival news

Carnaval Tenerife Murgas best of 2014

Burial of Sardine

Tenerife fiestas Spain

Fiesta San Juan

Fiesta de la Cruz

El-Carmen-an alliance

Fiestas del Carmen Realejos and Puerto de la Cruz


13 unusual Tenerife fiestas for all senses

Spain traditions Fiesta agenda example Tenerife


Tenerife information on more Spanish customs

Spanish traditions Tenerife Easter

Spain traditions Fiesta San Vincente Martir Realejos

Easter plays Costa Adeje

Tenerife entertainment fireworks accidents

Mueca art festival agenda example

Tenerife festivals Romerias

White nights

Tenerife business by Plenilunio

Dia de Canarias

World Tapas Day

May celebrations

 Corpus Christi and how flower carpets are made

Sand art carpet Tenerife la Orotava

Corpus Christi Orotava with latest top Tenerife events

Folk dance festival El Medano Tenerife

Spanish news Jazz

Singing the Blues

Loro Park

El Portillo Visitors Centre

Entertainment Tenerife Spain.

May celebrations Tenerife

classical music online

opera-singer James Clark Tenor

Events Tenerife with free music concerts

Tenerife events Christmas New Year

Tenerife events with Halloween music

Halloween pumpkins

Halloween pumpkin versus beat ghost

Tenerife tours for entertainment.

Guided tour auditorio Tenerife.

Information on a finca museum with entertainment events

Tenerife holiday review on Abaco entertainment

Tenerife photos Abaco Mansion

Abaco concerts

Abaco restaurant with cocktails, Tapas and a toddler

Lido Martianez Tenerife Puerto de la Cruz

Natural swimming pools Lido Martianez facts

Tenerife Parque Maritimo

Tenerife information on entertainment and nightlife Santa Cruz

La Noria attraction hot-spot Santa Cruz Tenerife

Tenerife information related to learning culture

Tenerife libraries

Free Internet service Tenerife

Free WiFi Tenerife

Internet libraries such as TEA

Wifi hotspots Tenerife

wireless Internet service Tenerife

Tenerife museums

Whale watching Los Gigantes

Tenerife day trips off Los Gigantes for whale watching

Tenerife attractions art shopping

Buddhist retreat Sunset Beach 290 la Orotava Tenerife

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Tenerife tourist information.

This amazing fact of Tenerife information almost slipped my mind:

On 22 of March 2008 the German Newspaper Kanaren Express reported medals and flowers etc. given by the Mayor Lola Padron as well as the tourism office C.I.T. to about 50 repeat tourists in Puerto de la Cruz.

17 British and 19 Germans were part of them. Some of them returned to the oldest resort repeatedly from Sweden, France, Belgium and Switzerland. Medals were different and based on sometimes 30 year of repeat holidays in Puerto Cruz over a period of 30 years. This was achieved with the co-operation and Tenerife information by hotels in the area. One could see them all on photo in the newspaper with many names of the tourists like Mrs. Mundt's were listed. It proves that for some a town can mean one of major island attractions.

Some fincas such as Finca del arte in South Tenerife and others may also be significant attractions.
However, fincas (rural properties which may also be farms for agriculture will be listed with other topics in site map 04. All I hope is that my information on attractive features of the island will have something for everybody.

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