Information on Tenerife towns Puerto Cruz, Santa Cruz, Los Gigantes, Arona and others.

Information on Tenerife site map 03 links page:

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Information on Tenerife in this site map page is about its towns and related topics. Tenerife information on Arona which is the most popular place by far for holidays on the island as Arona means what Las Americas is all about besides beaches
Tenerife photos Arona is what people like about the resort and Las Americas.

Costa Adeje Spanish architecture at its best which includes Colonial architecture at Tenerife holiday resort Iberostar Hotel Mirador del Duque Adeje Costa Adeje.

Spanish architecture
for townhouses

Attractions Tenerife
Costa Adeje attractions Tenerife, such as Siam Park, Aquapark, devils Creek, holiday shopping at 5 star hotels like Mirador El Duque and more ...

Romantic Holidays San Christóbal de la Laguna are emphasized by a few photos and an amazing incident in Tenerife's oldest town.

Tenerife information on Puerto de la Cruz which is where tourists strolled around on the island, first, is leading.

Puerto Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz North Tenerife Town Puerto de la Cruz the oldest Tenerife resort is one of Spain attractions while filled with treasures and vibrant with modern life.

Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz

Off the beaten track
Off the beaten track in Puerto de la Cruz

ocean scenery
Martianez ocean scenery Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife which is not off the beaten track.

Puerto Cruz Tenerife culture in history and tourism.
Puerto Cruz costly renovation of historical Casa Vendoso for community as well as for tourism. Other historical town buildings and their use in history and culture are listed.


Tenerife History Puerto de la Cruz including tourism.
Tenerife history Puerto de la Cruz is intriguing but, is more and more linked to tourism which needs better service and attractions all the time.

Unusual pictures
Special beach photos with Teide are unusual pictures which give away the secrets to best Tenerife holidays Spain Puerto de la Cruz.

Paradise country by Puerto Cruz

Fishing vacations.

fishing spotsTenerife

Self catering Tenerife
Island hopping
Shark fishing
Shark fishing stories with shark photos Puerto de la Cruz

Fishing bait
shark bait
Tenerife information on on a ruin close to Puerto Cruz is a legend Garachico/Los Realejos.
The legend about a ruin in Los Realejos is directly connected to Tenerife History Garachico.
Best coastal hiking path is nearby.

Information on Tenerife for getting around

Getting around from Puerto de la Cruz
to island attractions.
Getting around within Tenerife is outlined with a detailed list of buses going to important towns and things to do there.

Information on Tenerife Los Realejos

Los Realejos
A virtual photo tour through Los Realejos with many links to excellent information about one of bigger Tenerife towns, its history, culture, business, people and its region.

Tenerife green roof photos of Realejos

Tenerife Christmas
Christmas Spirit for Tenerife Christmas in Spain by Los Realejos.

finca Tenerife
Hacienda de los Principes finca Tenerife represents Tenerife and Spain history

mountain road
Getting around from Los Realejos by Puerto de la Cruz via mountain road to Playa de las Americas

Photos Los Realejos for getting around
Mapped areal images Tenerife Los Realejos and Orotava Valley for driving, walking and shopping

La Longuera
which means Long mile road plays a big part for getting around in North Tenerife and also has much Tenerife business.

Banana plantation
Rambla del Mar bananana plantation Los Realejos and how grow bananas.

Barranco Ruiz
A typcical ravine of scientifically valuable land of Los Realejos for island explorations

Spain history
Why Los Realejos Spain history was crucial for the Spanish kings and queens.

information Tenerife
Los Realejos information Tenerife to help with property management of the holiday home.

Tenerife culture
Los Realejos Tenerife culture in its many forms by art, music, literature, film and cinema, photography, speech and drama, rhythmic dance as well as sports.

Icod el Alto
Country village Icod el Alto of Los Realejos

grain grinder
Antique mill grain grinder of Icod el Alto Tenerife

Cavemen culture Guanche

Potato history
Icod el Alto Potato history Tenerife

History of potatoes
The history of potatoes of Germany and the Wodka controversy.

Camino real
Awesome mountain scenery Camino Real Tenerife

Folk dance
Amazing folk dance musicology Los Realejos

Folk dances Icod el Alto folk dances Tenerife

Tenerife information by Christmas photos

Photo of the day of Tenerife holidays
Holiday Christmas decoration photo of the day in busy street near Puerto de la Cruz.

Christmas lights
Christmas lights by Puerto de la Cruz for Tenerife Christmas mood with beginner and Konika digital night photography tips.

Outside Christmas decorations
A mirror image of a Christmas tree cast by the sun is one of most stunning outside Christmas decorations of business in Spain, Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz.

Christmas window decorations Tenerife

Christmas celebrations
Shopping in Tenerife by Puerto Cruz Alcampo with Christmas celebrations.

Information on Tenerife site map 03 on capital:

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz Tenerife capital with many hotels, restaurants, large port for trade and ocean liners, island hopping, Spain ferries, beach, culture, history, shopping, entertainment and relaxing

Tenerife nightlife Santa Cruz by walking
for restaurants, sightseeing and entertainment

Spain nightlife
Most popular Spain nightlife Tenerife at Alcampo for shopping and entertainment.

Horatio Nelson

Witch hunts
Beware witch hunts by wicked women in Tenerife...

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
top photo for local and foreign tourism related to culture, history and holidays.

May celebrations
May celebrations and city rock inauguration

Tenerife Parque Maritimo
César Manrique in Santa Cruz capital.

Tenerife concert hall
Tenerife concert hall with stone paintings beside Parque Maritimo
Santa Cruz de Tenerife breakwater of multiple purpose.

Ocean currents
Canary Islands' ocean currents Spain.

Spain art
On Plaza España Santa Cruz Spain art stands in the open.

Contemporary art
exhibitions center Santa Cruz Tenerife.

Information on Tenerife city architecture

Tenerife houses
Rambla Santa Cruz Tenerife houses are typical colonial stately city architecture of XVII and XVIII.

Museum art
Museo hombre y Naturaleza Santa Cruz

Environmental awareness through street art Tenerife

environmental education

Environmental problems

Environmental issue
La Gorvorana estate of Spanish architecture Los Realejos, an environmental issue and a lost asset of historic art and culture.

Environmental policy

Playa las Teresitas
Information on Tenerife Beach Las Teresitas.

Santa Cruz map Tenerife
for central town shopping with option
to expand for other city parts and beyond.

Top Tenerife attractions like Auditorio Tenerife
for entertainment with world renown performers of music

Tenerife Living with Parque Garcia Sanabria Santa Cruz
which is a soothing attraction in the middle of town.

Tenerife Free Port Santa Cruz for trade and commerce
for European investors, for island hopping,
ocean liners and just looking

History of Tenerife

Garachico Tenerife with and without historic property

Tenerife-museums' Palmetum Park Santa Cruz
is huge landmark palm park and tribute
for human imagination and perseverance.

Tenerife-museums' Man and Nature Santa Cruz for study tours
which also organizes indoor and outdoor learning of
ecology as well as history of Tenerife.

Information on Tenerife Santa Cruz sightseeing can also be obtained under general island shopping

Shopping in Tenerife
where Santa Cruz is best.

Art shopping Santa Cruz
where some galleries are listed for the capital.

Tenerife carnival 2009 Santa Cruz with secrets and tips for Carnival costumes and topic horror movies is ideal to fight recession.

Information on Tenerife Candelaria by Santa Cruz

Candelaria Tenerife

black Madonna Legend of black Madonna of Candelaria Tenerife

Information on Tenerife Southeast coast towns

El Medano Tenerife
folk dance festival
El Medano Tenerife folk dance festival

Kitesurfing tenerife
El Medano Tenerife kitesurfing

Windsurf Tenerife

getting around

Flyfishing at el Medano Tenerife


Los Gigantes

Information on Tenerife Los Gigantes which is a town on the island's west coast favored by British tourists since middle of last century. Los Gigantes Tenerife Spain tourist resort. which is ideal for people and tourists who like walking,hiking,
water sports, whale watching and festivals while close to great
beaches, Teide, Teno and entertainment of the south.

Tenerife history Los Gigantes general and tourism.
with its remarkable historic upswing caused, above,
all by British tourists.

Lido Los Gigantes Tenerife Spain
is a saltwater swimming pool by the Atlantic ocean with
lovely surroundings for holiday and every day living.

Resort property Tenerife West Coast
shows neighborhood and culture with festivities
around Los Gigantes

La Ermita de Santiago by Los Gigantes
is a legendary church/chapel with
excellent drawings

Casa del Patio
Casa del Patio the old feudal manor is to be restored as one of
Tenerife history museums by Santiago del Teide/Los Gigantes.

Tenerife Living Marina Los Gigantes
for a good life by town of the giant cliffs

Boat tour los Gigantes holiday
was a private day trip on the Atlantic past giant
Teno mountain cliffs with stop over Mazca Bay.

Towns of Isla Baja and Teno

Mountain village Masca Tenerife information on unique European mountain village.
Tenerife souvenirs Masca

Tenerife details Masca

Teno mountain range Tenerife
not far from Los Gigantes for walking, hiking and
water sports on adventure tours and day trips.

Tenerife information on beaches, natural swimming pools such as lidos or rock pools of Puerto Cruz, Santa Cruz and Los Gigantes may also be found under Tenerife beaches.


Tenerife photos Garachico

Information on Tenerife

small town of Garachico
with historical environment,
its mood for perfect holidays and,
interesting gift shopping.

Information on properties is to be found in site map 01 Tenerife tourist information.

site map 02 Tenerife information for main attractions on the island.

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