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Tenerife Island information site map 04 is an additional map because, otherwise all the maps become too long. When not finding something which is property, holiday, travel, living or retirement related please check the other site maps...

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About a holiday on Tenerife Island

Holiday in Tenerife 1997 review

Colorful Tenerife reef crabs

Teide excursions do it yourself tours Tenerife.

Although the (el) Monasterio Montaneta is an attraction with its own entertainment at times you find it in site map 04 because, a day or a night spent there is like a holiday in Tenerife and its worth it traveling to this large estate for its good cuisine as well.
It merits its own Tenerife Island information.

Monasterio theme park Tenerife North

Monasterio attraction Tenerife Spain

Tenerife business for sale

Tenerife culture Monasterio for modern Spain business

Meson Monasterio photo

Tenerife walking with tourist guide review

Tenerife articles

Taoro Park

Taoro Park in North Tenerife is special and merits Tenerife Island information in this separate site map 04 as it's not only good for a holiday home but, also worth day trips and excursions.


Risco Bello Aquapark Puerto de la Cruz

Do Tenerife trips to wine museum la Baranda which is just one example where one should better take a cab.

La Baranda Tenerife Sauzal

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real estate based categories for Tenerife Tourist information.

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Tenerife attractions

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Tenerife towns info
on Puerto Cruz, Santa Cruz, Los Gigantes,
and special Garachico.

Site map 05
on Island living and retirement information.

Why Tenerife:


Tenerife information on why the island is ideal for owning or renting a private holiday home.

Tenerife information Tenerife

Watersports Tenerife

ocean kayaking

Tenerife sports.

Tenerife photos Bocce

Tenerife tourism

Tenerife tourism 2011 and 2012

Info related to weather

Climate in Tenerife

Tenerife weather

Tenerife Sun

Canary Islands weather

Cyclone Xynthia

Canadas del Teide

Wildlife in Tenerife.

whale fossil

Endangered birds

Parrot conservation



Endangered animals

Goat keeping

Mountain goats

Goat picture

Getting to Tenerife

Book airport transfers...

Tenerife airport taxis

Tenerife transfer

Over 60 travel insurance

Cheap flights Tenerife

Tenerife airports

Information on Tenerife hotels

Hotels Tenerife mostly for toddlers with parents.

Aerobics photo

Santa Cruz capital hotel deals Tenerife

Historic hotels in Tenerife

Historic hotel Monopol

romantic hotel

Tenerife hotel

Town hotel

Hotel Marquesa,

beach front hotel Bahia Principe San Felipe Tenerife

Gran Melia Palacio Alaca hotel

Airport hotels Tenerife El Medano hotels

Tenerife beach hotel

airport hotel tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz hotels

Puerto de la Cruz hotels

Spa hotel Botanico Tenerife

Summer camp activities

Apartments Casablanca Tenerife

Hotel Maritim Tenerife

Historic hotel Hotel Monopol Tenerife

Seminar hotel Semiramis

Hotel Beatriz Atlantis Spa

Events Tenerife concerts

Tenerife and Spanish

Why learn Spanish

Best way to learn Spanish

Tenerife Maps

Tenerife maps

Tenerife maps for getting around los Realejos

Santa Cruz map

Map for Bollollu beach

Map central market district Santa Cruz Tenerife

Walk for health:

Walking in Tenerife

Long and short tours:

Tenerife tours

Work with constant demand:

Jobs in Tenerife for tourism entertainment

Information on restaurants

Tenerife restaurants

Top Gourmet Christmas Eve restaurants

Top cheap Tenerife restaurants

Cheapest restaurant


Bodega Los Guines

Arcon Tapas

Taperia Punto de Encuentro Spanish Tapas legend

Hacienda San Pedro Meson Monasterio

La Cayaya Puerto Cruz harbour

Pomodoro y Basilico

Restaurante Victoria Orotava

Restaurante Casa Basilio

Restaurant La Casona

Restaurant la Papaya

Starbucks Casa Miranda

Ocean View Restaurant

Restaurant Ruen Thai

Thai food

Restaurante Tiroler Alm

Eating out in La Orotava with 4 patios

Tenerife eating out fresh fish and seafood

Taoro Restaurant

Terraza del Mar

Restaurante Aguamansa for fresh trouts

Restaurante El Patio organic food

Restaurante Terraza Baobab

Restaurante la Abadia now closed

La Hierbita

La Pimienta

Ladies restaurant Tenerife vegan fast food

Tenerife food Cafe Malaika Vegan Chocolate Cake

Vegan fast food Tenerife el Limon

Beer hall Tacoa

Bars and caf├ęs in Tenerife

Bars in Tenerife

Best of student bar in Tenerife

Alberto Bar

Bar Rubio

Cafes in Tenerife

Cafe de Paris

El Aderno La Paz

Boutique Relieve

Vintage shop Cafe Ebano

Paradise Country Cafe Vista Paraiso

Plan Bakery Cafe Bar Vegetarian

Clubs and associations;

Friendship clubs

friendship-club Circulo amistades.

Classic car club

Carnival club

Bohemian club

Blanco Bar

Tenerife Beaches

Tenerife island information on some individual beaches:
Lidos or rock pool beaches may also be found under the towns to which they belong. In fact Lido Martianez which is really out of the ordinary is often called a beach by the Spanish.

Tenerife beaches in Tenerife North

Playa Martianez

Playa de San Telmo

Tenerife beaches of Orotava

All Tenerife beaches of Los Realejos

Tenerife Beaches Playa las Teresitas

Playa las Teresitas beach history

Witch hunts by San Andres

Playa San Marcos

Playa Agua Dulce Los Silos beach

Playa los Roques Realejos

Natural wonders

Dragon tree

Tenerife beaches in the south

Playa Blanca Beach

Playa el Arenal surf beach Tenerife

Playa Bajamar Tenerife Spain

Beach fun Tenerife Spain.

Tenerife Island alternatives to beaches

Natural pools

natural swimming pool of Los Silos

Playa Jardin

Beach landscapes

Unusual pictures

Waterfall landscaping

hanging gardens

Tenerife parking

Tenerife Island shopping

Shopping sometimes means travel on Tenerife Island when we look for something special or for bargains.

There are exceptions in my case where I have not delivered the information as yet.

Tenerife information on Tenerife Island shopping in general including best shopping in capital Santa Cruz:
Shopping in Tenerife best
in capital with sightseeing

Shops in Tenerife Garachico

Spanish fashion

reality shows


Spain nightlife Alcampo

christmas celebrations Alcampo

Holiday shopping Costa Adeje

Tenerife shops and organic produce


Fertility goddess sculpture

Supercor Puerto Cruz News

Sleeper couch

Lidl Tenerife

Tenerife attractions Art shopping

Tenerife gift shopping in Garachico

El Limonero Garachico Tenerife Spain shop

Tenerife shopping in Puerto de la Cruz.

Tenerife online

Piramides Martianez Mall

Carrefour Tenerife

Ikea Tenerife

Zara Tenerife

Supermercado 2000 Spar Tenerife

Corte Ingles Tenerife.

Hypermarkets Alcampo Tenerife

Tenerife markets

Leroy Merlin Tenerife

Christmas promotions

Tenerife gifts

Titsa bus and other transport

Tenerife transport by Titsa bus and electric tram guide.

Save money by Titsa Bonobus is history


Tenerife buses Tenmas card

Some suggestions with bus numbers can be found by going from Tenerife Island information to getting around from and to Puerto de la Cruz.

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